Whew...been busy this weekend


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Didnt get to ride like we had planned Saturday. Too much going on and wound up finishing up the flower beds, more rock, a pickup load of mulch and a few more flowers to plant. Installed a water feature and got that going as well. Got the busa wheels dropped off at my local dealer to have the tires changed so I will be ready for Eureka. Wont be doing that again, they changed owners again......and now charge 50.00 a wheel to change tires on drop offs. What a rip off that is, will be getting the tools to do it myself next year as I should be able to make the year with what have. I also have to account for the new beemer and it eats tires like the busa does so I may as well tool up to do it, I already pull my own wheels so I already have it half way done when I drop them off.
Just finished seeding some bare spots in the yard and washed and detailed my truck, of course it will probably rain since I did that today. :banghead: Juli is away getting a facial and I am enjoying some quiet time.
At least now I can say that I am finished with my major tasks for this year, we have been planning to re do these flower beds since we moved in. All done. Now I can focus on play time.
I still need to build a bench so I can start reloading, but that will come later this year after the trip we take with semi. For once I am looking forward to this year and what things are to come, no much hanging over my head like years past. I also need to install an autocom on the beemer and will be doing that next month, will provide pictures for that as well. I hope you all are doing well and I have included a few pics of 3 days of work in the flower beds has resulted.






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Looks great!

Sorry we weren't able to ride.


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while your heading west could you head south to do my yard?

looks awesome

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We got everything ready for the bash. We managed to fit the hayabusa, R6 and dads burgman in the trailer.

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