Where to find genmar risers??

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Hello fellow speed freaks. I am going cross country in a few weeks. Looking to put some 3/4" genmar risers on with my heli bars for added comfort. Where is a good place to buy them? Do any of our sponsors sell them?

Thanks!! :beerchug:


Anybody happen to know what size these bolts are? Thread size? I want to make a set of risers for the ride but I can't find anywhere that will tell me the size of the stock bolt. I can take one out and throw a thread gauge on it...but that is work. LOL


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I run with both with a ZG double bubble and clearance is fine. Ran it with stock shield and it was fine as well.


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Tough to find these days as I think they are discontinued. eBay or one of the bike forums is probably your best bet.
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