Where to find/buy MotoGP Qualifying videos


I don't care for racing, but really enjoy watching qualifying - pure, unobstructed riding! I'd go for MotoGP, SBK, and FIM videos of qualifying. Where to get them? I don't care what year, i.e. '12, '11, '10, whatever.
MotoGP.com video pass. Tons of archive footage as well as all 3 classes live, testing, QP sessions and FP sessions.

Not quite sure I understand your non interest in the racing. Qualifying is exactly that. To each his own.


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Chef turned me on to Motogp.com...it's not free for sure, but you can watch Every race from every season for the last decade.....


Thank you guys! I will look into this. In response to non-interest in racing... After watching lots of racing, and then watching qualifying, I realized that pure riding is POLLUTED by the racing element. Like you said, to each its own. Pure riding resonates very much with my own riding. Pure joy to watch. I never cared who would win in racing.