Where to find a fuel pressure regulator?


I had another post with the saga of getting my 03 started, I've got it narrowed down to either the pump or the regulator, I've got to think its the regulator I removed the pump cleaned it lubricated it, made sure the impeller turns freely and it turns on to prime it's got enough kick I tried it briefly out of the tank and I could feel it jump in my hand when it kicks on...plus when I tested it for pressure on the bike I am getting zero, and fuel doesn't even come out when I unhook the line at the bottom of the tank....

So is there somewhere I can get just the regulator from???? I called the dealer they wanted 130 something for that and a bunch of other stuff.


I probably should've clarified I know where it is located I was trying to ask where I can find one to buy by itself. Thank you though


I doubt its the regulator , You need to get a new pump AEM 320 is great , then bypass the intank fuel filter and install a after market fuel filter , I had the same problem some time back and it was killing so much time jerking around , There is a post on here how to drill a bypass hole in your filter
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