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would an air filter be worth putting in the mix or is stock good enough
You'll get a lot of different opinions on aftermarket air filter performance.
You'll likely gain gain a hp or 2.
Regardless, reusable filters like K&N or BMC will pay for themselves in time, since you can clean and re use them.


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what year bike?

Also there is a alien head 2 out. I'm a brock's and DJ PC dealer and you get same support.I'm also available pretty much when you have a question even after hours..

Where is the best and least expensive place to buy a full brocks AH exh in a black finish and a PC5?

The bike is a 2012, i thought it would be fast enough stock but that only lasted about a week. I cannot believe how well i can hit the back roads on a stock set up and tires but i have reached its limit and its time to upgrade the susp, tires and exhaust. I have always rode by sound not gauges and the stock exh is nearly impossible to do that with. I have always heard this was a "straight bike" but me being 6'-4" 225lbs i feel like the bike does what i want and surprise all the 1000 riders in my area when im on their ass thru every corner then blast em on a small straight away, then they start making excuses. When i get it right for my weight and a little more power i think there wont be any doubt that i will always be up front.


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Tune in your suspension and you'll really get'em If you do a lot of twisties raise the rear up. Goldenchild is the guy to go to, he is easy to get ahold of and knows his stuff .

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