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Allright if no one else is gonna ask where is Kerbie?

and still missin some of the oldtimers like : oldtimer, SirUK, BJ, Kneber ... and so on.
I think maybe Kerbie is away on business or something and he's having someone post in his place to keep his numbers up
He/she doesn't have his flourish for words hence the single emoticon responses. Just Kidding Kerbie!!! My own little conspiracy theory.
Thanks guys! Not to worry, still here, lurking alittle. Been very busy working at the suzuki dealership, 9-11 hours a day. Cost + 10% you know. At night I am designing/webmastering a new site for a gentleman that is probably the most biblically knowlegeable person I know. hehehe very cool comment, "probably not far from the truth" You could not be more correct! Sheesh! It seems like I turn around and have burned through another week! Just remember this to all of you here, guys and gals, I send you daily blessings in the Father's Nmae and the Name of His Son, Y'shua. Asking to keep you all safe.

Motor On!
Most of them are probably on some sort of exotic vacation...
yes, 10 over dealer. on parts. used bikes are cost plus 100 dollars. new bikes, cost + dealer prep/shipping! Can you say "11,000 busa is 8000 for me!" Brand new tl100r for ....well you get the pic here.
Kerbie are you allowed to get stuff for your busa buddies?

I'm still lookin for a good price on chain & sprockets.
ya know I have been trying to work that out for you guys, but you see i ride the busa to work. If the parts I buy at discount are not being used by me, there could be some fallout. for example:

I can buy oakley 1000 glasses for 1/2 price and sell them on ebay for a good profit. But how many glasses could I buy before the see that I am not using any of them. Same for parts on my bike. I could of course buy some "gifts" for my friends. So let me know specifically what you are interested in and I will see what I can do.
If you could check on the price for a chain & sprocket and possibly "gift" it to me I could "gift" you back the $

Looking for a DID gold chain or similar and standard sprokets.
Thanx - Kent