Where is sixpack577 ?

Johnnie Phatt

If I remember correctly he posted he was departing the board. He had reasons but I do not know what they were. If some knows him a friendly visit may be a good idea. I'm sure if he wanted us to know why he would have said.


#YesYouCanGetAsixPack ~ #WhereIsYourSixPack ? *

Perhaps @ali123 & I need to go ~ easier on some of our friends ?
Whats this all about .... I guess everyone needs a break , so long as it just that.... I hope not down to some personal grievance .
Six is our resident religious riding hoon , a man well gifted in the masterful art of modern open class superbike riding , and he also sounds pretty close to that next bike purchase .
Looking forward to that , but no worries , time out with the family is always quality and highest priority .




I see now ...., well Red , a bit of fun is all ain't it mate , and a break for Six will be as good as a holiday !! :thumbsup:
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