Where is our infamous Mr Bogus? :dunno:


Track Coach / TufPoodle Coach
I SOOOOOOOO look forward to reading what Mr Bogus has to offer while enjoying my morning latte! I haven't seen him here in a few days?

Whatsup? Has he moved on to that happy ORG in the sky or maybe kidnapped by terrorist? :dunno:

Shall we arrange a search party to locate the Hooligan?

Please post up any sightings! :please:

Remember, he looks a little like a Sasquatch! :cookoo:
If he were kidnapped by a terrorist, I'm sure that guy is looking for a place to drop Randy off ASAP. He'd no doubt be talking the guy's ear off and telling him how he's doing that terrorist thing all wrong :rofl:

Who loves ya Randy?! :thumbsup:
Bogus and Bisquit in the same sentence? That's just not right! ???
Many of the regular members seem to be disappearing lately. Becoming a trend.
Taking a peak~!~

dog peek.jpg
Off showing off Ms Chili maybe ???

if so, I want my pics asap Randy !!!! itz da rules :beerchug:
I heard he took off 4 Haiti 2 help with reconstruction.
However he got sidetracked on the way+ENDED UP in N.O. 4 THE SUPERBOWL+MARDI GRAS.

Dont know where he is but if he doesnt show up I want the 'Kurveygirl' sticker I gave him back !