Where is atilla?

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Has anyone heard from him in a while. Last I remember he was going to head to Sturgis or a trip like that? I hope all is well with him. Don't like it when members disappear without a word.

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa:
Im still around Marc...thanks for asking ...I passed on Sturgis...could'nt justify spending all that money on crating the bike and shipping it ...I thought about riding up there ...but Hurricane season is in effect down here in Louisiana and the weather has been rough..I somehow lost my handle and can't seem to get back on as Atilla...THAT REALLY frustrated me so I became Josey wales...not the same ...so I've been active on (as Atilla) on other sites www.themotorhead.com and www.suzukihayabusa.org.haven't visited this site for ooh...weeks ...did you go down on your bike ...what happened ? Great pictures of you and lori by the way ...from San Fransisco?Anyway hope all is well I've got 4000miles logged so far and dropped the baby while putting air in the tires ...got a new clutch and bar end -NO DAMAGE TO PLASTIC very lucky.........been riding the twisties ...and almost scraped a peg the other day ....I'm hanging off succesfully but are worried as I push my limits farther and farther...always ride with a wild bunch of about 20 on Sundays ...and let me tell you ...it's a battle between all the zx12;s Busas and GSxR1000;s...every three weeks some rookie runs off the road ..trying to keep up ....I just hope it's not my time ...anytime soon...... :usa: Safe riding Howling
Glad your OK bro!! You were posting pretty regular and then you were gone. Well it was just my tiime to go down I guess. I have her back and she is good as new. Running great! Glad all is well with you. Hey if you got the time come on out at the end of the month. Jester is trailering out from Texas so maybe you two could hook up. Just a suggestion. Take care

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa:
hey atilla!!

glad all is well with you. i had sent you some messages to see if everything was okay but got no reply.... started to worry if something had happened. it's weird here, we all know eachother from the site, but because we are all spread out, no one knows what is going on if just out of the blue there are no more posts!

well, good to hear you are still riding and handling your biz on the BUSA!!!!