Where Has My Clutch Fluid Gone..?


Odd post. Bike has been laid up since at least Dec 2015 as I broke my back in 2 places but Im ready to go back on the road. Just been in the garage and all my clutch fluid is gone and the lever comes back to the bars with no resistance. Bike has been left on the sidestand all this time and Im thinking it is either a seal gone and it might have pooled in the left side case or the clutch has gone very dry and done something odd with the push rod..

Thoughts ?



Most likely the seal on the slave cylinder is your culprit. I just rebuilt mine for the same reason. The kit I used is a K&L 32-0177, which even includes the Case seal which appears to be the factory one right down to the label stamped into it. However you would need to split the cases to replace it.

If its just your fluid leaking you just pop the piston out of the slave cylinder, clean it up, replace the spring and seal (lubricate with DOT4) and put it back together. Ten minute job; an hour and a half you clean the entire counter-shaft area while its apart! :)



Thanks for that Matt. I called in to the local bike shop today and they confirmed what you have just said and have ordered a seal, spring and piston. The guy lives 2 streets from me so will pick the bike up Monday free of charge and do the job along with changing pads on the front along with fresh fluid and also change the rear fluid too. He's going to check it over, change the plugs and clean the air filter too as its been stood for a while.I could do it all myself but cannot be bothered. He will MOT test the bike too so it will be ready to ride again. Ironically I was about to part exchange it for a new MT-10 so could have done without the hassle.

Regards, Vindy.


Glad to help. You shouldn't need a new piston though, unless the stock one got damaged terminally from a chain failure or something.
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