Where do I install my Ivans TRE ?


Got it the other day without directions. Can you tell me where it plugs in and how do I get access to this area? Thanks
you need to take off the seat and lift up the tank then
look to the left side towards the bottom you will see 3 wires
black pink and blue if i remember with a white trianglular shaped plug the TRE will plug into that triangular shapped plug inline and you are done

What year is your bike? I was thinking about getting the Ivan TRE. Ivan assured me it will work with the 2003, but I wanted to hear from someone who has installed it in a 2003 before I make the purchase.
I have the 02 SE ,installed late last night started it up but had to close up shop so I didnt get to try it yet . That will be done tonight/tomorrow and I'll give you my impressions on it in this thread. I got it on EBAY from 58 cycle BTW. Gonna do the small airbox next after my K+N is delivered .Mod fever on the Busa is as bad as on my BMW!
Remapping isn't necessary with the TRE installed is it?
Drew mapping is not neccessary but you might need to adjust the idle a little bit i had to turn mine up a little was idling about about 800 moved up to 1200 to smooth is out

onece you get the TRE installed put the tank down and start the bike up and let it warm up to about half way or so then lift up the tank and adjust the idle screw on the right side and set it where you want to is easy and quick ....