When Riding Do Not ____ on a Hayabusa


Hi Guys/Gals!

New owner here from North Jersey
My name is Gelu and I'm picking up my new pride and joy later this week 2013 Yellow Busa :))

Question is as a new owner and learning curve, What mistake/s did you make Riding your Busa and DONT want to make that mistake again?

Please post your Riding Don't you learned on your Hayabusa

Thank you!
over estimate everyone elses skills or awareness.....(cagers and fellow bikers)
Watch those new tires when you get it, the busa has a ton of torque and will spin that new tire out from under you if you are not careful.
Mistakes I made? Hrmmm, biggest mistake I made was not having mine lowered before I dropped it 3 times :laugh:

Wear the proper gear, be aware of everyone around you and ride defensively, always assuming the worst from every cager around...have you ridden anything else before the Busa?

Welcome to the oRg!! Post up pics of your Busa once you have her! :thumbsup:
"Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly."

In otherwords, take time to get used to it. It's a lot of fun once u are comfortable. But if ur ego is sitting in the front seat, thy fun thrill ride can quickly turn into a trip to the E.R. And always ride with "quality" gear on. 90% of the time it's the other idiots on the road that cause problems. Take it easy and don't become part of the othe 10%.
When I first got the busa, I rode it slowly. Keep the RPMs low. Dont use much throttle. Ride with the utmost humility.

Lets put it this way...always understand that the beast you are riding can turn around and end you at any time. Knowing that, take time to learn what you can and cannot do on it.

BUT also: do not turn around on an incline. I have dropped mine three times. Dont back up on a hill unless you play professional basketball :laugh: Once the bike is moving it handles well but its HEAVY in the parking lot/driveway!!!

Dont ride tired. Those three times dropping the bike where when I was tired.


from one jersey native (Asbury Park)to another, welcome aboard! what not to do on a busa? hmm…ride her slow. :laugh:
be ridetarded. In other words, what everyone above said, especially about limits and drinking. Our bikes are beasts and not meant for the weak minded.