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Looking for a cheap alternative to new wheels/chrime/powdercoating. Thinking about either polishing the wheels myself, or just spraying the black wheels with a heavy gold flame to match my bike. this way i could just clear coat it with the gold flake and i'll be in business. anyone paint their wheels before?
powdercoating is usually cheaper than painting them and is alot more durable. I had my coated for $90 a wheel including beadblasting them.
paint is free for me basically.

cheaper than replacing bearings/paying for powdercoating. that means i gotta take the bearings out, pay for the powdercoating, then pay for the new bearings and seals.


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I would just clean the wheels REAL good, and wash them with a degreaser and then rinse them again REAL good. Paint whatever color with a good paint and then clearcoat with clearcoat for for wheels. It comes in a spray can and isn't very expensive. That stuff seems pretty durable too!!

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I think they look really nice polished. Just some elbow grease and a few hours of work.
the wheels are brand new, had tires taken off, never ridden on. no dirt
i think im gonna polish as a winter project... would be nice to get some new rubba on my polished wheels at the beginning of next season


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