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hey guys i need ur help my wife says if i want to drag i have to put wheelie bars on the bike is there any rules at the track saying that i cant have them .let me know what u guys think .






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I would ride it just like that, but do whatever you have to so she will let you go racing. :thumbsup: Nice looking bike


I think Pro Stock uses them.
I know Pro Street dosen't.

why'd she say you had to have wheelie bars? she think your gonna flip it ?


I ran a bar on my street / drag bike a long time ago. A couple of cons to consider (or pass on to your wife)

First, many states don't allow bars on the street. I have one ticket in NY to prove it.

More importantly, you will probably have to run a strut and they stink on the street. With a strut and bars, its ulikely that you will get a shinko to hook. Most bar bikes run slicks at low pressure, and the slick provides the compliance required to keep traction on the track. Without that compliance, the bar will unload the rear tire, and you will light the tire right up. As the tire spins, the bike comes down off the bars and if it goes sideways it can get ugly if a wheelie bar wheel catches.

Unless the bike is much lower and has a slick, I would argure (to your wife) that the bar makes it less safe.

Ft Campbell Busa

Good looking Busa and funny post. Ask your wife to meet you halfway and just get you a set of leathers! Mine did for my birthday instead of the Nitrous or air shifter.


well campbell she has already went that route an i looked like im sponsered by alpinestar which im not . she went an got me a sp-1 2 piece suit an sp-1 gloves an mx-5 boots .but the problem is this we went to a drag race an seen a gitl flip over hard an seen didnt get up so she just dont want to rise or daughter by her self over something i do on the weekends an i know wheelies stop street riding but i dont care i have a 08 gsxr-600 with under 400 miles so it needs to be ridden.







wow that was nice of her to buy you that great gear!! If you set your bike up correct, lowered , straped, extended. it really makes a hudge diffrence and the bike will not just going to up and flip over on ya if you have and ridding abilitly at all.

Ft Campbell Busa

Good looking gear. Many mishaps have been walked away from when guys have had their gear on. As stated above also..............If you strap it, extend it, etc... it should be fine. Unless you are sitting on the limiter and dump the clutch I would not worry. Go and watch a few times and start slow. Post your progress on here and continue to ask questions. I started out posting on here and asked many many many questions. I was even posting before I made a pass as soon as I got the 2006. I knew I would be at the track I just swore oaths upon oaths to my wife that I would keep it stock. It is still a stock motor:whistle:. The tranny may be coming out this winter so the motor is getting freshened up of course:laugh:. Good luck


straped and lowered the bike runs down the track good she just wants them for when i hit the shot an until i get better at lunching really finding were to set my studder box at. i still have alot of test an tuning to do




i havent been to the track since i had some work do i just got it back .got a 50 shot a studder box.speedohealer,tre and a quick shifter be4 that it run 9:83 but im not a small man at 6' 260 lbs so hopefully it should be faster i hope ???

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