wheelbase,, ground clearance


Hi Everybody,,I am building a 09 turbo hayabusa land speed bike,,what is a good wheel base and ground clearance for this type of machine,,,Thanx Gary
Hi My name is Gary,,whats yours,,,thanx for writing back,,i read u turbo build post,,i really like it,,i am trying for 400hp myself,,,I put stainless valves 1mm larger,,,had APE port the head,,I used wossner rods and piston,,undercut trans gears,,used a larger spline output shaft,,small oil pump gear,,billet inner and outer clutch,,I got it started last night,,sounds good ,,its tight,,,going to flash the ecu today,,whats the reason for keeping it as short as possible?? is it so it keeps the weight over the wheels for more traction,,but what about wheeling out?? thanx Gary
which sort of landspeed racing ?
Are you coming out on the salt with a few of us on here or on the 1 mile blacktop like a lot of others do ?
setups will vary somewhat to maximise traction