Wheel lip decals look nice!!!


Have any of you seen the decals that are on the lips of the nice racing wheels like the OZ racing wheels or the Marchesini??? I'm thinking of designing some for the BUSA. Any color of course,, but they'd say "hayabusa" in them instead of OZ racing. Maybe even "SUZUKI HAYABUSA" if there is enough room. What do you guys think??? Normally there are 8 in all. 2 on each side of each wheel. Roughly figuring about $18 per set with free shipping.
We Want Pictures!!!
i'll have some to ;)
but does any1 kno where i can get a different seat for my busa coz it's very uncomfy over long distances??
Corbin -- its a different kinda saddle that will keep you "planted" where you plop down at, but it'll still allow you to move your hips in the corners. And a great seat for long distance riding.
The stickers look good on there but the underseat pipe is really sweet. Where did he get that from or did he make it himself?
The ones I'm talking about go on the lip of the rim. I've attached a pic of the original idea. I have some BUSA decals on the drawing board now, be up SOON. Although,, I can do the ones like in the pic above for those who would rather have that?

I have chrome rims and that's enough of an attention getter for me...
OK. Finally had time to finish them up. I cut a sample out of black material. You can get them in any color you want though. $15.00 for a set of 8. Free shipping.

Man I have got to get me an exhaust like that does anyone make one How did he make it How much was it Holy crap is that sweet man Hook me up I want one
Like the undertail exhaust...pretty cool but prob not for me..
What is the stock brand name for our rim's......that might be cool..even if it doesn't say Marvic or RC.....thanks for posting pic's...Pace
Cmon I want one of those exhausts anybody know where I can get one without having to learn to TIG weld myself