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This year I am looking to do some traveling with the Busa. I usually take vacations on my goldwing and ride across country to my destination, but me and some friends are planning a trip for the sport bikes and don't want to ride them all the way, plus then we would have no where to store all our stuff we need to take with us. Please don't recommend turning the busa into a sport touring bike, not interested in that.

Anyway, question is, I have a trailer and want to get a wheel chock for towing the bikes. I want one that basically could hold the bike without tie-down straps (but of course I will be using them) and one that maybe has some kind of quick disconnect from the trailer so that it can be used for other purposes. Also must be able to fit and size tire since I use my trailer to drag bikes home all the time.

What are you recommendations?

Thanks in advance,



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Pitbull has a strapless restraint, as does one of our sponsors, Redline Stands...
Condor sport chocks and baxley chocks are good, but may still require straps...


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I bout the harbor freight for like 39 bucks. had no issues. Someone makes a rear stand that basically pins through the rear axle for keeping it strapless.

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I like the Pitbull alot but it doesn't look like it would meet my requirements of being universal. Looks like you have to buy one specific for your bike. That doesn't work for me since I drag any number of bikes home. It definitely wouldn't work for my vintage bikes. I need one that is more universal.

Thanks and keep the suggestions coming.

I have the Harbor Freight one bolted to my trailer. It holds the bike upright so strapping it becomes a one person job. Can't beat it for the money.
I have the Baxley sport chock. Its portable. I keep it in the garage and just ride the busa up into it and walk away. I can throw it in the bed of a truck or trailer and just tie down the rear with two straps the baxley has a lock to hold the front. I loaned it to my neighbor yesterday to pick up his Harley, he loaded it in the bed of his truck. So it's pretty versatile. I have two of them. Luv em. Search the board there is a Chinese knockoff that is a lot cheaper and a few board members have them. I think they are available through Canada. Oh the guy I got them from had dirt bike and sportbikes and used them for both. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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- Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices

I use this one. It can fit just about any bike out there. You can bolt it to your trailer or to your floor like I did. I use mine to do chain cleaning. That is because I am too chiken to hold it up with one had while lifting it up with the rear stand.

Also notice the eye bolts where you can secure your straps. They also adjust so you can level that chock.
wheel chock.gif
You do have to pull the bike back a little then set the front break, reset your feet and pull the bike back. That is the only way I found to pull the beast out of the chock.

wheel chock.gif
Hands down the Baxley sport chalk is the best chalk made. Two true stories about this chalk.

I have been racing the AMA Dragbike circuit since 2006 with these chalks. In my trailer I typically carry two bikes, a Honda Valkyrie to get around and my Hayabusa to race.

In 2006 before I started taking the Valkyrie, I had just the Busa in the trailer and I was heading back to Atlanta from the Indianapolis AMA Race. At some point the tie downs I had on the bike came loose. Whenever I get to a gas station I always look in the trailer to make sure everything is ok, that is typically every 333 miles. (Give or take a mile, but who is counting.) When I opened the trailer door the back of my Busa had moved all the way to the other side of the trailer but the bike was still standing up right.

In 2008 I was coming back from the Memphis race to Atlanta. I did my typical stop at the gas station and opened the trailer door. My Valkyrie was on the left side of the trailer and the Busa on the right. The left rear tie down had come loose from the Valkyrie and the bike was leaning on an angle towards the Busa. The handlebars from the Valkyrie were about 2 inches from the gas tank on my Busa and never touched it. I am not kidding, I could not believe the Valkyrie was even staying up at the angle it was on. That is an 800 lb bike and the sport chalk was holding the whole thing at that angle.

If those would have been any other chalk the Busa tank would have been destroyed.

Baxley chalks are by far the most expensive chalks out there, but there is none other built as well. they saved me 4 times the money I have paid for them.

Baxley Trailer Company


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I work for a Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha dealer, and I have hauled almost every model we carry in my trailer with the Baxley sport Chock, with not one problem.:thumbsup:

4 busas headed for bash in trailer.jpg

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They had a locking system at the motorcycle auto show that looked pretty good. Dont remember the name of it, but check it out if you get the chance.
Baxley sport chock for me. It's great for the garage and my van. Only downside is smaller tire size bikes (my nephews 125) can rattle around in it. I always use straps anyway.
I work for a Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha dealer, and I have hauled almost every model we carry in my trailer with the Baxley sport Chock, with not one problem.:thumbsup:
Looks like lots of people are liking the Baxley. Question then. Do you need to use straps to compress the front suspension with this chock or just on the sides of the bike to steady it upright and forward so that it stays in the chock?

Thanks again to everyone.


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