What's your race or ethnic origin...

What's your race or ethnic origin... - Just curious not alot of photo's floatin

  • Caucasian

    Votes: 30 100.0%
  • Black/Afro American

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Hispanic

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Asian

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other

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I was just curious as to what the make up of the members was...We are from all parts of the world and that covers alot of different people...

This poll is not intended to cause any friction or disturbance...If anyone finds it to be offensive I would ask that the Admin. Board remove it "ASAP"...


Note:  I am also not certain if the board allows this sort of poll if not let me know and I will never start a poll of this nature in the future...
Uh, avatar photo says I'm white, oh sorry, I mean caucasian or primarily of european(English) descent. But, I have enough Cherokee to qualify for minority status for college admission and financial aid(didn't do it though). So really, I'm a half-breed.

100 percent Irish.......but that's still caucasian.

Stunnah....there is no such thing as race either....only ethnicity.

....nice bike though.
I'm 6'8 260 lbs Afro-American who was refused by the NBA & NFL and I'm pissed!


Sorry but this post makes no sense to me, any color any back ground if your Cool and Fun ( why else would you buy a Busa ... ) then your my friends!

If ya still wanna know I got Irish/english/and a pinch of Cherokee


Busahigg check this out,

Main Entry: [3]race
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle French, generation, from Old Italian razza
Date: 1580
1 : a breeding stock of animals
2 a : a family, tribe, people, or nation belonging to the same stock b : a class or kind of people unified by community of interests, habits, or characteristics <the English race>
3 a : an actually or potentially interbreeding group within a species; also : a taxonomic category (as a subspecies) representing such a group b : BREED c : a division of mankind possessing traits that are transmissible by descent and sufficient to characterize it as a distinct human type
4 : obsolete : inherited temperament or disposition
5 : distinctive flavor, taste, or strength

We generally don't see it on any official forms any more but the term still applies in some cases...
Fellow Members,

I offer my sincere apology for creating this poll.  It was spurred by a recent discovery that I had made relating to another post.  As I mentioned before I had and do not have any intent on pissing anyone off or creating any sort of animosity.  I was simply curious as to the make up of the site.  

It doesn't really matter which category you fall into you have all been a great group to be associated with.

I have since Emailed the Captain for his review of the poll and asked that if he felt it was fitting to remove the poll.

Didn't bother me at all..  It's not like you had some hidden agenda, or motive for asking.. Just curiousity.. I was/am curious about it now that it's a topic...

as far as the race/ethnicity
..  Thats a pretty insignificant thing to worry over.

haha,, in the words of stunnah.

I'm cool with that,

you cool with that?
Hey Stunnah.......no problem at all dude. I think you know where I stand on the race thing. Maybe I'm an oddball (but we know that!!!
) but 2 of my best buds are black, and 2 of them are asian. All I see are 4 best buds...no color. having said that..call me a cracker......since thats what my buds call me..LOL!!!

I'm glad you guy's are cool with this, had me really concerned that I may have offended someone and did not want that...

Thanks guys,

And I'm cool with that...
I almost got up on my soap box...... But I will be to the point.... there is no need for a poll like this.... What counts is inside the person.....
My experience on other boards is, it may be best to stay away from any controversial topics. I posted a Mexican joke on an other board and many people were not pleased (pissed), I though it very funny.

Labusa's is one board were you can post any damn thing you want.
I was going to vote "other" as I have always considered myself Native American (born in Paterson NJ of native NJ parents). But all four of my grandparents were born in or around Bavaria so I guess I am caucasian, maybe even Aryan. I grew up in a town where "if you're not Dutch, you're not much" so most contact with other people was limited. I married a Dutch girl and our kids are typically tall. You can see a pic of my wife & daughter in the map section. My daughter is currently in Frankfort, Germany, with her husband, who is in the armed forces. Excuse me for rambling, it is something I do when I am with friends and family.