What's your favorite movie?

What's your favorite movie? - of all time...

  • 1.  the Matrix

    Votes: 28 100.0%
  • 2.  Braveheart

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 3.  Gladiator

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  • 4.  LOTR (Fellowship)

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  • 5.  LOTR (Two Towers)

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  • 6.  We Were Soldiers (once and young)

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  • 7.  the Transporter

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  • 8.  Cool Hand Luke

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  • 9.  Bourne Identity

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  • 10. Other (please post a reply and say what)

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The Oracle

What's your favorite movie of all time? And, why?

Mine is the Matrix so far... I just totally dug the plot and the action was outrageous!

Two thumbs up!
Biker Boyz baby! Just kidding, I believe that would be least favorite of all time, or at least the one that blows the most. Favorite movie has to be Patton.
funny YOU should ask that V RIPLEY . I named my rottweiller "RIPLEY" . She's named after one of my favourite characters,in one of my favourite movies...Aliens .
Biker Boyz baby!  Just kidding, I believe that would be least favorite of all time, or at least the one that blows the most.  Favorite movie has to be Patton.
"No sun-of-a-%*%^$# ever one a war,dyin' for his country,make the other sun-of-a-%*%^$# die for his"
"Were going to stick our hands into their living guts ,and use them to grease the treads of our tanks"
" Were going to go thru them like crap thru a goose"
" Rommel,you magnificant bastard, I read your book"
I can't think of one that I would call my favorite but there are a lot that I really like and watch them when ever they are on.
I have to say that I could watch Mach 2 everyday and it would still get my blood pumping.
I picked the matrix, but i have way too many favorites

Predator I & II (waiting for that Aliens vs Predator)
Aliens I, II, & III
Matrix: Reloaded (dled off kazaa, HEHEHEHEH...MUAHAHAHA
I always return to "Warriors"...It caught my attention as a teen and has stuck with me...
I would have to say Star Wars along with the rest of the hexology series is at my top list
followed by

Mortal Kombat 1 & 2
5th Element
GREAT movie!

picture this:
Bruce Willis turns to guy and asks, "how many of them are in there?"
guy replies, "uuuhh, I dunno."
Bruce swings into the door way and merely escapes death from multiple gun shots and cooley says, "there are five on the left and four on the right."
Bruce leans back into the room and fires repeatedly.
Bruce leans against the wall and says, "three on the left, two on the right."
Loved the first "Aliens" plus the first "Predator".. "You are One Ugly M*^&#@+*#!$R..."Jacobs Ladder was a "trip"
I'm old enough to remember Bonnie and Clyde..sick flick...
Gene Hackman with his head blown open in the field..wife screaming...Not to mention Clint's spagetti western's..
Blondie i will Kill you...hanging from a tree teetering on a cross.
..fun thread..byfornow
We did this subject about a year ago I think. Anyway dont really have a fav, but some I really like and seam to allways get stuck watching while channel surfin :

Ferris Buellers day off
Predator I
Cool hand Luke
Oh brother where art thou
F. Gump
Surviving the game
Clint Eastwood anything
1st raiders of the lost ark
Star wars I ( before all the hype )
War of the worlds