Whats your 60'

Bigboy Busa2

Stock motor. Hand clutch.
68" wheelbase. Consistent low 1.5's 225lb suited.
17t front 43t rear. 16t on the way to see what happens. Looking to see what times everybody has. Gearing and rider weight. 40lb good for 2tenths? I have it in my head I can get this fat boy near mid 1.4's

Mr Brown

I was consistent 1.53-55, 64", stock motor/welded clutch mod, 16/43, leaving at 6250 I weighed about 260 back then. Your gearing should get you a tenth off your short time.


Take this Jerry, you silly little rodent
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1.2's personal best, low 1.3's typically. Nothing stock. 19/47, 210 suited.


Laughable. That is mine, but with little seat time, a lack of an enjoyable night out at the track (open night has this stupid street car challenge that ties up the track), and my general fear of something happening to this bike that I dont want to spend even more money fixing a stupid mistake I made.

To stay on topic my best of 3 trips to the track I think was a 1.9. Stretched 3-4 inches and on a Q3 with over 35psi in tires. Rode to track and then road home.

Bigboy Busa2

Best advice I ever got was to try and be smooth not quick. Focus on that, the rest will come.
Clutch out by tree. Full throttle by 60' race the track. Feel like I can do more. @ all heavy springs in clutch now. Going to see how new clutch and 16 front do. Thinking maybe put 2 soft spings in to see how it feels.

Bigboy Busa2

Genll?? No thanks, thinks I'll save $2700 and just use my hands. Man I need practice. I wanted advice but you guys are hurting my feelings

Bigboy Busa2

That's where mine left best. Is it pulling the motor down? Listen to the motor in this clip, Ryan has one of the best clutch hands, and this was at his prime. The motor barely changes rpm....
Dont know about the prime part, he still breaking records with cecil. Yes it boggs a little, I have all that most of the time. Unless in in right lane, cant hear over those open baffles next to me sometimes.

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