What's the difference?


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The power commander maps make a distinction between yoshimura full race rs-3 exhuast and yoshimura full race duplex exhaust... When I looked on yoshimura's site, I can't seem to find anything referencing this "duplex" exhaust system.

Can anyone shed some light on this?
The duplex system has special crossover tubes or little cannisters attached to the header tubes, supossedly for "scavenging" from the adjacent header (the exhaust vacuum from one header pulls from the one beside it for kind of an induced flow advantage). Actually others brands have similar features. At any rate, the non duplex system does not have this feature.
mine is a full system, rs-3 race w/ duplex.... dunno the difference, but sounds nice and added a couple of HP after it was all said and done.
Here's the difference on the two,

1. The difference in the Duplex system is where the header pipes go from a 4 into 2. The 2 pipes are extended to give you more torque outta turns while the standard race version has shorter pipes in the same area.

Given the nature of the two systems, it sounds like the Duplex would make a better street system of the two.
Hope this helps.