What's the difference between

Was wondering what the X50 has over the 8500
I had been looking at the group buy for the X50
to use for the both my bike and car. Wish I had one
2 weeks ago. I got stoped early one morning going
across the state (in my car) for a job. Officer said I
passed him doing 97 in a 70, I didn't even see him
it was still dark.
Anyways I bought a Passport 8500 on Ebay last week for $150 delivered, the seller had paid $309 for it a year ago.
just wondering the difference. I'm sure it's still a great detector.



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The X50 has a better antena and upgraded software.... Which gives it a slight edge over the older 8500.......... Especially when it comes to POP radar.


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Passport can upgrade the software inside of the 8500 for you. The main diff is the POP detection, not many departments around me use it but it will be common soon.
Warranty or any work, I believe will not be valid without a receipt from a licensed seller, i.ei a store. This is what I read on the radar boards.

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