What's the chance of getting shredded stator cover into the engine? Lowside.


I had a lowside last week, and once I was off, the bike slid another 30 ish feet and ground through the stator cover. It started dumping oil about the last 10 feet, and there is a half inch hole ground through the stator cover.

I do not remember how long the motor ran after it hit the ground, and I hope and pray that the cutoff killed the engine before the stator cover breached. When I got to the bike the engine was off, and it was still dumping oil. Eventually all of it.

What are the chances that I got debris into the oil system? I have not cracked the cover yet.

I am fine, a little rash, nothing serious, no helmet damage. Pea gravel in the shadows of the apex of a curve after some heavy rain, and it was like riding on marbles. That is to say, instantly down. I was going about 15 MPH. Sucks that it got my pazzos clutch, magical racing mirror, can, and nose fairing back.

Anybody ease my fears? Anybody with a horror story of gravel in the engine?
Glad you are OK, and most likely your engine is fine, too. The engine died the moment the bike hit the ground thanks to a tip over switch. Take the stator cover off, and inspect. Don't ask me how I know, lol.
If you have never had one off,they can bite. Heavy magnetic action. This is a good chance to replace with a strong one that wont pack it in so easily if you get bit again. Get a quality one,avoid the chinese stuff.

If oil was puking out,chances are nothing got it.