What's the best way to prevent fogging?

Either crack open the visor to let the air circulate or, there's this stuff called Fog Off that you can buy at a hockey shop or ice rink.  Half the guys on my hockey team use it and I've used it on my bike helmet visor.  It works great.  Make sure you polish well on the inside of the visor or you'll get big time glare from headlights at night.

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I'm with Brennenop, cracking the visor a hair works great.
Try and buy a helmet with good ventilation attributes.
They're a little more money but well worth it.
I found a liner type thing from fog city, it sticks to the inside of your shield and creates an insulating air space,I've been using one for 2 years and it works great.cleans easily with windex and paper towel
Fog city is the only way to go . Have been using them since Dec, I have tried them out down to 9 degrees and they just will not fog over.
does yer helmet have a breath deflector? mine helps quite a bit . You can always add 1 .
Quit Breathing!!!!!


Get a Breath Guard, I have found them to work pretty well.
Thanks for the suggestions.  I've got an X-11 Shoei, but it fogs up very easily.  I'm still learning all the venting holes on it.
Stop watching PORN with the visor DOWN !!
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you might try getting use to breathing down over your bottom lip or crack the visor ??
My helmet has vents just at the top of the visor to keep it from fogging up seems to work pretty good but still fogs up when at a stop light and is cold out :super:
Try washing visor with water thats really soapy and let it dry so has sheen of soap on - this will be invisible and really works.
Rain-X makes an anti-fog treatment for cars that worked great on my Hockey visor when I was playing a while back. I have the same fog problem with my visor and I have the Shoei RF900 with a TON of vents and they're all wide open. I guess some of us just "steam up" naturally. Cracking the visor open will eliminate the fog, but you end up eating bugs and gravel. Also, I have a problem with a lot of heat inside the helmet and it isn't even hot in my state yet. When I take it off the inside is SOAKED. I see there is a skull cap thingie you can wear made out of cotton. Think I will invest in that. One more weird helmet thing...I have an HJC Yates replica that scrunches the hell out of my ears when I put it on. It fits good...just real snug. Hmmm...maybe that skullcap doohickey will help with that too?

Man I use ZOOKE the stuff is awesome and the best thing i've ever used against fogging. I saw it demo'd at Daytona bike week in 2002, and thought hey what the heck for $16 for the large bottle and small carry on you spray bottle what the heck. Best investment I could have made. I spray it on and it cleans as well as eliminates fog., even when i intentionally try to for it up. I also wipe it on my glasses, which eliminates any fogging on them as well. I figure for $16 I'll probably get three years of use out it.
If you have a dive shop near you, you get buy a small bottle of anti fog. 10ml bottle cost peanuts and should last a season.
shaving cream works on your visor and your bathroom mirror
What happens with heated up milk?
or is it cream, I don't remember.
Fog X from the makers of Rain X is a great product, they both are great products, I use to use them both on all my cars and helmets
WARNING: I used Fog X on my silver-mirrored Shoei shield and it burned off the finish on the inside. Shoei warns against using any liquid on their shields, clear or mirrored, other than soapy water. I used to have a fogging problem with other helmets but the Shoei Z2, with 5 vents, hasn't. But the colder days haven't arrived in Pittsburgh yet, which when coupled with humidity seem to be the environment for fogging up.