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Hello All…I am at that cross in the road when it comes to my bike…I want to work on the short comings or not so great parts of the bike…I have a lot waiting to be install and/or on order at the moment…I want to do it all at one time and not have it in and out of the shop…

What I have got so far...

Complete race tech suspension for the front and rear…

Brembo 100mm calipers up front

Brembo 84mm rear caliper

Brembo front master from an R1

GSXR 1K 14mm rear master

All tied together with SS lines…

I have the spacers under the triple tree to give me better riding position

Thinking of doing Vortex adjustable rear sets but I cannot give up on the foot pegs I have…not just yet…

New head light with dual projector beams with 6k hid hi and low…so being seen and seeing what’s there is not going to be a problem…

All of which are things I have read on here that everyone says are very good upgrades to the bike…the problem is whats next…not performance wise…but to make this bike a better and more comfortable beast to be on???

I am 6’3…240…the bike is a 2003 with just less than 10k on it…I am not looking for track days or test the limits of the bike nor myself…still want to get more seat time with it before I push it…my driving style is very cautious…a lot of people told me about the bike before I brought it…the power…the size…the weight and handling of the Busa but I think the biggest issues with riding the bike is still traffic and other drivers…I am pretty good at control myself…not so great at controlling the vehicles around me…so that is one of the more important reason why better brakes and suspension was a must…

Sorry to be long winded but I wanted to give a true understanding what everything…


I would probably have to suggest a nice Corbin seat, possibly a Helibar setup to keep your back from cramping up and a good double bubble windscreen. The Hayabusa already ships with some of the best performance around; at least enough performance that you could never reach it's full potential on the street, and you would have to be amazingly talented to tap into that on the track. I say comfort mods are the most important.


Thank you...I was just about to say that I know the Busa are not made to perfection once upgraded suspension and brakes are added...I have a good seat on the bike with a New Image cover on it and I am a little suspect about putting on the Helibars because of the brake MC reservoir clearing...and I am still trying different windscreens to see which one I like the best...but yes I have the double bubble on there now...and I am trying to maximize my comfort on this beast because I would like to ride it for long trips...well like three hours maybe a little more...

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