What's new ? I've been gone awhile just wanted to say HI.
wowhaaaaa! Thats kinda spooky I was just thinking of posting " another where is...? " TJ / Kneber / Shoeio / Howlin ... yada - yada - yada How the heck are ya?
No, not really and no... Actually I put a new set of tires & polished the front rim but not the back yet. Weather has been too nice not to ride. Also been busy packing for Calif. and had several family visitors this month. Winding up my biz here, training new people getting my taxes straightened out with new accountant ... blah, blah, blah.
Truck gets shipped middle of Feb, Busa and other items the week after. I arrive there March 2 Lord willin. You gonna make it out to Laguna?
Forgot to post my New Years eve shot

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Ninja Eater when and if you show up at Americade you will have to help me sell the idea of a turbo to Sue!

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Welcome back TJ! Like Hawaii said I was starting to wonder about the old crew. Lots of new faces here now. Family is getting big.

Welcome back bro..

Marc "Howlin Mad"