Whats in YOUR Helmet !?!


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I completely clean the helmet about 1 x per year. I follow some ones suggestion I read online years ago.

I completely submerge the helmet in a large bucket of soapy water, this doesnt damage the helmet at all ( Dawn dish washing liquid ) use a lil spray and wash on the cheek pads ... let er soak for about 20 minutes. Rinse in another full bucket of water, rinse again.
Then place in front of a fan overnight, when the weather is warm it completely dries and even smells better. :thumbsup:

*NOTE : I allways clean the exterior after and before every ride, but I counted no less than 20 flies and various critters along with other parts of critters that flowed from the vents. Maybe a good to clean it a bit more often. :idunno:



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All the pads and liner come out of mine. I just toss 'em in the washer every so often. Then leave 'em out overnight to dry. :thumbsup:

While they are drying, I'll clean the vents, etc.
I pull all the innards out of mine a couple times a year and run them through the wash. I have helmet freshner to spray for the really sweaty days.
Yep, I pulled my liner out of my helmet and Jacket and toss everything in the washer! When I pulled everthing out of the wash I found my mp3 player in the bottom of the washer.....???
Honestly, I wouldn't use washing liquid at all. That stuff is toxic to helmets. From reading helmet care articles over the years they all say to stay away from washing liquid.

The best stuff to use on a helmet apparently is Baby shampoo. It doesn't have any harmful chemicals in it.

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