What year?

Im having hard time determining year of my Gen 1 as I bought it as partial pro street bike.Someone said I can figure year out from ECU part numbers,Is this true?


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What if its not the original ECU. ???

And who told you that? No paper work? How did you plan on licence and insurance without a VIN ?

You can only tell the range of years by the ECU. 99-00 had a specific ECU model number, 01 had a specific model number and 02-07 used yet another model number.


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You might have a frankenstein bike. So many of these bikes have been stolen and totalled over the past 14 years it's not funny. The ECU, frame, motor, etc. could be from different years.
on your wheel on the in side there is numbers like for instince on a l1(2011) you will find the date (2) (11) in circles. and on your brake hoses thats to say if it is all standard still. your ecu determine the range part number