What year to buy?

1999/2000 - First production years, 220/340 speedo, no top end restriction, Cam chain recalls, fuel pump on fuel rail, fuel pump and fuel screen clogging problems, remote idle adjustment, aluminum subframe (possible recall pending). All problems can be easily remedied with either recall service or inexpensive mods (ie. recalls and fuel filters).

2001 - First year of the mutual speed restrictions by manufacturers to 186/300, 180/290 speedo, fuel pump inside tank, steel subframe. Speed restriction remedied by 6.8K resistor in-line with GearPS (TRE mod).

2002 - Same as 2001 with exceptions: stock, polished upper-half pipes, O2 sensors now on some models, updated ECU, TRE no longer works as top end eliminator, fuel management systems currently not available. Systems will eventually be available for fuel and top-end, how long a wait is yet to be seen.
2000 Red bro...
You can not get a better recap then what
Narcissus just gave. All right on the money the rest is just what you want in color scheme and price.
I'm real happy with the 2002. Performance is the same, all years, just restricted to 185. Man what a bummer, only 185