What would cause my hid to turn off at random?

I recently put hid in the low beam and it dosnt happen all the time but it seems that if I go for a longer ride than just around town the hid shuts off, I origanally zip tied the ballast to the back of the gauge cluster and thought that mught be the issue and since mounted it to the back of the front faring next to the headlight, its secure and nothing seems loose.


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what about the connection from the ignitor to the factory harness? Is there anyway that it could be losing contact because of vibration or heat?

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if it's flickering it's most likely the ballast or like cap said a bad connection check your wires to the factory harness and make sure they are snug. If you want a real connection you can solder em in but I found a small ziptie to choke the four wires togethor at the connector holds everything in place and makes sure they don't slip out.
it only flickers when warming up, when it shuts off its just plain ol' off, it dosnt come back on until I stop turn the key off then restart

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yeah it sounds like your ballast or it could be a lose connection. The ballast requires a jolt initially to start the light. then 35w of continuous power to run it so if it loses connection then you lose that Jolt you need to start the light. I would start by checking your connections on everything first. then and only then look into replacing stuff. It's cheaper that way. what kind of kit do you have slim or standard ballast and was it made for that bike or did you take it from a car and try to retrofit? Most companies will warranty it for you.


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Check all connections, if you still have issues, you may need to install a delay or switch.
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Check your connections, from memory one of the connectors had to be trimmed on the inside to get good contact. After that I vote bad or failing ballast.
Thanks for the suggestions when I get time today im going to check all connections, if I hadnt sold the other one of the set I could trouble shoot the ballast and bulb but...

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