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On your way out of the dentist office! Had my annual dental checkup yesterday and told them that I had a filling that had cracked and needed to be refilled. They promptly scheduled me an appointment for this afternoon. Pretty routine, so the appointment went well, but when I walked out of the office there are 4 guys, a box and a dolly near Baby J. My first thought was what the f*** did they do to her? Let me guess the box fell against her and they are checking out the damage? As I got closer, they continued moving around her and commenting and I'm starting to hear what they were saying. I finally got near the group and one of the guys says, "Hey, we were just here admiring your bike. That thing is sweet." I said thanks and then the questions hit. Mind you my mouth is still numb and all I want to do is get on the bike and ride back to work, but I stood around and we chatted for a few minutes. Some good guys as it turned out that were appreciative of what it takes to make a bike your own and that for the price the Busa is the best thing out there for meeting all aspects of riding. I would have rather had the conversation over a beer, though.
Anyway, just thought I'd share.
Dith thu hatha harg thyme speeking?
there are 4 guys, a box and a dolly near Baby J. [/QUOTE]
OMG...I thought you were gunna say they were ready to sho-horn her into a truck!!!
At the entry control point later in the evening when the guards are relaxed because they always want a picture.......
Of --- themselves sitting on my bike.. Oh well the Bulgarians tend to have some nice looking chics with them...