what wheels fit


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I placed a bid on wheels that are complete. Wheels tires rotors and cush drive front and rear. I did a search for hayabusa wheels and these came up now I see they are off of a GSXR600. Some say they are the same and others say not.Anybody know for sure?
GSXR600 wheels might fit, but will certainly require spacers to fit properly. Also I think the rear wheel on a Gix600 is narrower than the Busa. Like 5.5" as opposed to 6". I'm not sure about that, though.

I've heard that TL1000R and TL1000S wheels are a direct match for the Busa.
The TL wheels will work but I don't think the Gixxer rims will, the rear is too narrow I think.

I would call you local dealer, they should be able to look that up for you.

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96-99 gix 600 and 750 wheels will work with the busa as also TL1000R or S wheels
A Busa has more than double the torque and 50-60% more horsepower than a Gixr600 not to mention the extra 100 lbs of weight. I don't care if they fit or not (which I do not know personally), there is no way that they are designed for the weight/power of a Busa. I would not trust them for a minute. Just me, I am cautious (and an engineer).
As I understand it the TL, 750, 1000, and our beloved busa all have the same wheel diameter size, but the later 2 have a 6in width compared to the former 2's 5.5in width.... In other words they will fit but they are not the "same".
I have heard the TL100o wheels will fit also. Got the info from my local Bike Bone Yard. Suzie dealer could not (or would not) confirm.
I recently bought a '97 TL1000S that was wrecked to use as a track bike. the bike had a bent front wheel. We had a spare set of Busa wheels cause a buddy bought aftermarket wheels. the front wheel fit perfectly and after looking them over, they have the exact same numbers stamped into the wheel from Suzuki. We also checked the rear and same story. The only difference in ours were color. Black for busa wheel and natural(silver-grey) on TL. Now I'm not sure about the GSXR 600,750, 1000 or even the TL1000R, but the TL 1000S has the exact same wheels as a busa. I have read that both TLs are the same as well but I can't confirm this. Hope this helps out!