What triggers secondary injectors on 2008 (Gen 2)?


Just wanted to update that I got this fixed. It ended up being the Crank position sensor. This is the sensor that comes with the stator from Suzuki. They do not sell the sensor separate. If did not think it was due to the fact I had no codes and if I unplugged it the motor would not start. I found someone else talking about the sensor being out of range (Sorry I do not remember where or who said it to give them credit). It took many hours and $$ to get to this. I am not on the computer that much so if anyone has questions you call me on my cell 480-7zero3-7265....I am in Arizona please do not call in the middle of the night. Thank you all for your input.
Where in AZ?

Gilbert here


I am located 15010 N Cave creek road Phoenix Az 85032 My shop is "Dwn N Out Motorcycles"...
I ran the car out to Glamis this weekend and it ran perfect.....I still never could find an exact answer for what are all the triggers to make the secondary fuel injectors fire. It is now obviously clear that one of those triggers is based off the crank position sensor. I would guess that it would have other triggers like (TPS, MAP sensor) play some kind of roll.
Thanks again for all the help.

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I am trying to find out exactly what triggers the ecu to send the signal to the secondary fuel injectors?
Here is what has brought me to this question. I built a Turbo hayabusa (gen 2) 5 years ago. I run the Power commander v-pti, power commander Ignition, Power commander secondary fuel module and larger injectors. The car has ran perfect for the past 5 years. The last dunes trip the car started to lien out in the upper Rpm's. I assumed a sensor went out or perhaps I lost the tune? I reloaded the tune and swapped "Ap sensor, iap sensor and cam sensor" no luck. Car has no codes it will just lien out in the hire Rpm's under a load. I took the car to my dyno tuner that did the car originally. He verified the secondary injectors where not firing. They have 12v but not getting a signal from the ecu. Called powercommander and they said they only modify the signal from the ecu. So if no signal from the ecu than their fuel module does nothing. I tried taking out the powercommander stuff and the same thing. Now I am back to thinking it is sensor or ecu....So I bought another 2008 hayabusa motorcycle to play the parts swap game. I switched the ecu and every sensor.. So I though it had to be my wiring grounding out and I re wired the computer....Still the same problem. Please any help with my question: what sensors or parameters triggers the ecu to send the signal to the secondary fuel injectors?
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