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I went to the dealer to get a new hayabusa and the dealer said about 11-12 grand out the door! Is that high or is that just me??? It is Hawaii, but I wouldn't think that would make too much of a difference... Help me out! What should I go in and ask for??? Thanks for the info...


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I picked up my bike for $9800.00 brand new out the door in the early spring of 2000.

11-12 ouch


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Were you ever able to get the registration problem with your bike resolved? I think the difference would be the EPA testing, but surely there is someway to prove it meets EPA regulations.
I got the letter from Suzuki today and there's a whole heap of stuff that I have to change. First of all they gave me a list of things that had to be changed on a European GSX-R750... I no expert, but this is what they had to say...

VIN... Has to be changed to conform to US DOT standards. this I understand.

Exhaust Emission Standard... says the GSX-R750 does not comply with US DOT EPA standards. ECM has to be changed... WTF?

Exhaust pipe... For noise limitations and lacks EPA noise compliance labeling... This is bullshit cause mine has right on the exhaust... yada yada yada 80 dBA, and has the stationary noise test of 93.5 dBA @4900 rpm.

Speedo... yeah, that's legit, I need MPH.

Rear Axle Assembly. Not geared the same. WTF???

Fuel tank.. difference size inlet diameter which screws up emissions...

Rear fender... US DOT spec... WTF???

headlamp assembly... Yeah, that's legit too, they drive on the other side...

Rear Combination lamp... US DOT approved...

Side reflectors... Mine doesn't have any, but is it really necessary???

Handlebar lighting switch... Replace lighting switcheson the handlebarto accomodate the US spec lights and functions... WTF???

Windscreen... WTF?

Sorry about the long post, but that's what they wrote to me... some of it applies, some of it, I have to throw the bullshit flag up...


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I would only change the things that can be noticed, I would not expect that the police would pull your bike apart to chack the gearing, I can't imagine that the police would know the difference in the VIN numbers either.. Change the things that make the difference and move on down the road..


Fu**>ng #### .and I thought GB cops were bad !!
could you not just reckon you done the mods. ?
after all ,it would only be if your in a bump and the ins. wanted to wrangle out of it that your mods. would be checked, surely ?
and how many assers would know the that the mods. above had been done ?
Just take the chance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In California the new price of a busa from my local dealer is $10960 plus tax, lic, dealer set up, plus anything else the dealer can get away with. In Southern California expect to pay around $13,000 out the door
And the big thing in Hawaii is that Montgomerey Motors has a MONOPOLY on Suzuki bikes here. That sux! What am I suppose to do when they charge me the bikes MSRP plus thousands on dollars to put it together, (which is just the clutch and brake levers, mirrors, windscreen, battery, oil, gas, bottom body piece and that it!) and whatever the #### they want to charge me... what am I suppose to do, tell them I'm going to take my business elsewhere??? I'm screwed!
Getting back to my little crisis... The VIN number is the biggest thing. To get a US VIN number, you have to get a RI (Registered Importer) to work with the Government and do all the paperwork. This sucks. Someone answer this for me though... If the Aussie Government doesn't have any restriction on emissions or anything, then why the #### does my bike have all the DOT and EPA information on it??? This sucks.
I picked up a new 2001 Blue /Silver for $13500 Canadian and Suzuki threw in a Canon HI 8 Camcorder too boot.
The reg price was $14990.
Good deal for me.
I just purchased a new 2001 Busa for $9,000 before adding in the sales tax. Could not justify the 2002 price even after the discount offered off the MSRP price.

I paid 10k total out the door for a new 2001 in december.I bought it in a small town which is where i always look for new bikes. Plus the dealer threw in a few other minamal goodies. In my town they didn't have a 2001 and i didn't like the colors of the 2002's and couldn't justify paying 11.6k out the door for a fairing color change.. for the additional 1.k i could buy the new color scheme fairing if i wanted it.


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Too bad you can't take advantage of the Canadian models over there.

They are still selling them, $9200 for busas, $9000 for 1000's. Anyone else interested, contact this guy, mandre9@home.com (this isn't me, I'm just passing this along). $200 shipped to most states and the deal isn't final until you say so.



I wrote that guy an email. Hopefully he can get back to me hook me up! So far I've gotten a quote for 1,100 to Hawaii, and believe it or not, IS STILL CHEAPER THAN WHAT I WAS QUOTED. Boy I can't wait to get out of this ****** state. Do Canadian models need to be modified in any way for use in the US???


I bought a 2000 in Nov. 2000 and got it for $9,900, a $400 Arai Helmet for free, 20% off a one piece rain suit (and half off a center stand with free installation. Due to the fact that I had to wait two weeks to get the bike because of the cam chain tensioner recall.)

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