What to do with old stock exhaust system?

Whole stock exhaust system from 2009 hayabusa... What do most people do with them? Are they hard to sell?
Or do you just give them away??
I was told to give mine away if you want 2 to give away you can have mine. You can try craigslist and advertise as man cave wall art....Has not worked for me yet but hopeful.
you can give them to someone that needs them, you can cut them down and make some shorty pipes, you can get another and make a barstool. they are about $500 if you have to buy one.
I saved mine. That way, whenever I sell my bike, I can either 1) sell it with the bike, or 2) put it back on and sell the Yoshimura exhaust that's on there now, which is worth more money.
save them or give them away...most guys give them away if somebody else goes down...there are valuable for an insurance rebuild at a dealer but they buy new parts...hang them up in your shop + they are somewhat expensive to ship
a lot of guys who are trying to sell their bikes want to return them to the "stock" look so it doesn't look like their bikes have been tracked and heavily modded in hopes it will fetch a higher price :whistle:
I still have the GenI pipes from my 2007 (had an M4, when totaled) and the stocker for my 2012.
I guess I'd put it back on to sell, then try to sell separately. Selling with the aftermarket stuff installed, is kinda like giving it away.
You can't get the money out that you put in anyway, but you might be able to recoup some of it.
If you can I would hold on to it just in case you get a ticket for a modified exhaust and you'll have it to put back on your bike.

This happened to me about a month ago.
2 sets of headers could prolly make a pretty cool coffee table lol. Then use the cans for smoke stacks on a BBQ. Idk.
I donated mine to a member who crashed his bike and needed parts.
Mine have been sitting in my garage for the past 6 years. I think about putting them back on if I ever decide to get rid of Luci and sell the HMFs separately.
The state of California will be the first to require all motorcycles return to OEM exhaust sometime soon. Keep your old ones. They'll be gold in a few years.