What the hell is wrong with me????


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Once again I have yet to get a 9.99 out of my bike.  What the hell is wrong with me?

I just got back from the track and it seems that my magic time is a 10.2 @ 137!

I ran a 10.2 BONE STOCK from the factory and have added a few mods and still NO LUCK running faster than a 10.2!?!?!

I was so close on one run(4) and then it popped out of 2nd gear arrrrrrrr........

For those that haven't been following my posts, tonight's results!  This is with a BDE clutch mod, strap and 2"s lower in the rear(STOCK everything else with 28 psi in the tire, lever shifting @ 11,200 RPM indicated, 190lbs. ).

    60'       330'       1/4       MPH

(1)1.761    4.501    10.235    137.45
(2)1.775    4.499    10.226    137.57
(3)1.788    4.480    10.229    136.80
(4)1.663    4.352    10.610    133.15
(5)1.763    4.460    10.225    136.37

Anyone care to share some technique/experience?!?!

I am going back tomorrow night so what should I try next?

Josh  :sad:    
Thanks monsterspeedfreak but I just want in the 9's with the least amount of mods.

(Cartman voice)Son of a Bi@#*! All I want is a freak'in 9 second pass, is that to much to ask for?

Josh :cool:
1.5's! :sad:

I'll try my best, tonight!  Are you guys full throttle by the 60'?  

I'll just keep launching harder until it starts to wheelie.

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I'm getting 100% throttle for sure. I usually get the clutch all the way out just after the 60'! When I launch it's 100% throttle and then I think man this thing is SLOW waiting for it to go!

What about my MPH on a stock bike(what should it be)? Should I be shifting without the lever? I stay full throttle and just bump the lever/shifter at once and as quick as possible.

What are you guys shifting at? Is 11,200 RPM indicated about right or should I be shifting sooner?

Josh :sad:
shift just before the rev limiter.

launch it at 6 or 7k, and feed the clutch out quicker than you think.

not sure about your climate/altitude, but 140 to 143mph should be your trap speed.

practice, practice practice. and did I mention, get a pipe? :D
Just before the REV limiter, as in fuel shut off or RED line?

Altitude is about 500' and around 75 degrees today!

I have a BDE pipe/PC3R/16T/Lid sitting right here but I want a 9.99 without that stuff. Anyone can spend more money and go a little faster but if I'm not getting everything out of it NOW then I am not doing myself any good adding more power!
Dynoed it last week!

157.6 HP and 95.9 SAE

I was thinking about that last night, maybe I'm shifting to HIGH? :eek:
Dynoed it last week!

157.6 HP and 95.9 SAE

I was thinking about that last night, maybe I'm shifting to HIGH? :eek:
That was my first thought just based on racin' in general since I've never had a vehicle that made peak power at redline. I didn't say anything to begin with though because I know NOTHING about racin' a busa. Couldn't even begin to tell ya what the optimum shift point would be. I've always tried to shift my cars at around the RPM where it makes peak power...