What the hell is happening?


For those who are bored (Captain was complaining about how slow it is around here today) I have a story, for those who are still around. And, from some of the "Hardly" comments I've read on this board, I think you're really gonna love this. I even considered posting under a different name, but that wouldn't be any fun. So here goes.

My first motor-powered bike of any sort was a Briggs&Stratton powered minibike, circa 5th grade. Then came Honda ATC's, first a 185, then an '83 250R, later punched out to 300, then soon after, an '86 250R, which was the fastest thing I'd ever ridden at the ripe old age of 15 (thanks again, Dad). Then some bad sh*t went down, and I had to sell it...

Fast forward about 12 years (bikeless), a great buddy of mine bought a Harley Fat Boy and let me take a spin on it. Harley-haters bear with me here. I'd never ridden a street bike, but decided I had to have one. As a result, my dad and I both bought Softails, and have never been closer (which is very cool). Over the next few years, I took that Harley apart and put it back together numerous times. It never needed it, but I sure did enjoy it, changing the looks, learning new things, etc. Then one day, an odd noise started playing from the valve train. Later that day, the top end was off, and visions of performance mods started dancing thru my head. Before I knew it, I'd decided on a complete engine swap - from the 80" stocker to a 100" S&S 4"x4", assembled and ready to go. In retrospect, the stocker probably only needed a new tappet, but what fun is that? So, with the new big motor, that thing really seemed to move. I was soooo happy when one day the front wheel unexpectedly lifted a few inches off the ground during a rolling 1st gear hard-takeoff in front of my buddy's house. I thought I had a real screamer

At this point, I should mention that the same buddy who got me back into bikes, also recently started racing a jet powered dragster (J34-34 for those who know jets), and since I'm the only guy he knows who can get enough vacation time to travel to races with him, I'm his crew chief. It's easy to be cheif when you're the only indian :D Anyway, since the jets are an exhibition race, we usually don't make any passes until later in the evening, which means there's usually a fair amount of time to kill during the day. So I thought, hmm...I should build a drag bike! It'll fit in the trailer, I can race during the day, what a great idea!

As it turns out, one of the starters (Alex) out at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix lives in my neighborhood, and I'd done some work on his Harley. So I was telling him about my idea, and he tells me that none other than Craig Treble lives a couple streets down (since moved), and introduces me to him. He's a very cool guy. Anyway, after talking to Mr. Treble, I decide that making a Harley go fast is gonna be way too expensive, so I make the obvious decision - buy a Hayabusa, and go fast out of the box!

About a month ago, I did just that. One of the dealer chains here was running an unbelieveable deal on brand-new '03s - $9599, out the door. So I bought one. The plan was, ride it for the 1000 mile breakin, then take it off the road (to save on insurance) and make it a track-only bike. So I started riding it as much as I could find time for over the past month. Not once did I even sit on the Harley. Until last weekend.

I was feeling a little guilty that I'd put over 600 miles on the busa, and hadn't even wiped the dust off the Harley, so I charged the battery, fired her up, and off I went. At first, I thought it wasn't running right. In fact, I went and told my dad this, so he had me ride his Road King to compare. My heart sank as I realized, my bike isn't running bad, IT'S JUST NOT FAST ENOUGH!! What the FXXK??? I was perfectly happy with how fast it was before I bought the busa! Now I'm ruined! I'm gonna have to spend insane amounts of money to make the Harley fast again! What has the busa done to me and my beloved Harley? Is there a support group for people like me? Please help!


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ICW, you are correct!  You are now ruined.  There is no way to get over it.  Even if you launched the Hardley off a cliff, the Busa is still faster than it's terminal velocity.

There is a support group for you.  Please follow this link:

Support Group

Welcome to our world!

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SAME Exact thing happen to me.. I still like Harleys and there is certain feel about riding a Harley but it does not compare to the feel, look, power, torque, etc. of saddleing up on a HAYABUSA!!
congrats! had the bus to the track yet??
Thanks, I guess

No, haven't had it on the track yet. Need to order my leathers yet, plus I wanna top 1000 miles and get it dyno'ed before I do anything to it. What can I say, I'm a geek that way

Good to hear from you, BTW, hope you're feeling better.
Mikey D, thanks for the link, but that's what's gotten me into trouble! Ok, maybe not, but it helped
Oh, and it's LCW, I should've used uppercase

Quazy, me too - I do still love my Harley, it's just that I'm still in shock over the difference in performance. It's really taken me by surprise. I guess that's what happens when you buy the world's fastest production bike. Duh.

I just never expected to love riding it on the street so much. I figured it would scare the sh*t out of me enough to take it off the street once it's broken in. Now I'm seriously considering buying another one, as a sport/tourer
I sure as hell won't ride the drag bike on the street once I start making it faster. As it is, I'm really putting myself at a huge insurance rate increase, riding the stock busa as I do, and I haven't even gone over 8k rpm yet (well, maybe a couple times

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LCW - Sounds like you've been reading my mind. I only rode the busa for few days before getting on the Electra Glide again, and my first thought was..."come on you slow piece of shiot!" I couldn't believe it. Sad to say I haven't been back on it since. What's really sad is what's painted on the trunk of the Electra Glide.

I'll keep both, because I know I'll be going on touring rides and trips, so the Glide will always have a place in the garage. It's the comfy bike
, and the busa is the fun bike

We can get together and form our own support group.

That looks like a sweet ride though.

The Busa is bad a$$ in it's own class, as other bikes are in theirs. NOTHING can ever be the same after riding the BUS. However, there is also nothing that can replace the feel of a custom softail with the rumble that can only be felt by the TWINS battling beneath you and the sound they make while doing it!

Look below and tell me you can't love both!!!

The Busa is bad a$$ in it's own class, as other bikes are in theirs. NOTHING can ever be the same after riding the BUS. However, there is also nothing that can replace the feel of a custom softail with the rumble that can only be felt by the TWINS battling beneath you and the sound they make while doing it!

Look below and tell me you can't love both!!!
Ummm, ok. I can't love both. My only two wheel "LOVE" is the busa. Some other sport bikes like the new zx10 and the newer gixxer 1k's are interesting and would no doubt be fun bikes. Metric cruisers and Hardley Do-it-sons can be sorta cool based on looks.

I can enjoy most anything with two wheels but the busa takes it to a whole new level like no other bike I've seen can for me. ONLY a busa has enough mystique and magic to make me LOVE it. It's my ONLY two wheeled true love.

There I said it...
o great another hadley guy finds out how it is to ride a real cycle !!please dont tell your buddies they will allwant one lol.ive been riding jap bikes for 25 years and its not just the busa that makes them slow lmao.welcome to the world of real machines!(at half the cost)
Have you ever ridden a custom twin? Although I believe the Busa is the funnest and most amazing bike I have ever owned, in some ways it can't compare to the other. It will never match it in top speed or cornering however it is tough to put an off the shelf or modified BUSA against a $65,000 custom milled and machined Simms softail. Set them side by side and I promise you one would receive the praise over the other by a wide margin, several national bike shows prove that. Also don't even start to compare HP and torque the Busa would loose handily to a 151ci. thug motor.

I think sometimes we like to create seperate classes of people for different classes of bikes, when we are all bike riders. How many rice riders would see me on my custom and curse the day not realizing I too ride a Busa? I was very impressed at Sturgis this year when myself and another Fire Fighter went to SD with my custom and his Triumph. Although this is an overwhelmingly cruiser style event, all types of bikes and people were welcome and we never had anyone desperage our pairing. I am not personally a big fan of off the shelf or even modified Harley's but I will promise you that alot of these guys will recognize the Busa and give it the respect/wide berth it deserves.

Just remember in the end these guys aren't trying to compete with you for top speed or cornering, also realize that if you come up against my Simms at a light, don't be so sure you would walk away with the prize!

And now to completely destroy my position and end on a good note; Happy Thanksgiving and the Busa is my favorite of the two!  
Allow me to disagree.

If you give me half what you spend on any harley, I can make a busa that will beat you at the light, or the show. Assuming its not a harley show. Granted in the end, it will come down to the bias of judges, but a modded busa is truly a work of art.

The busa is a technical miracle of a bike, and if built correctly, mod for mod it can hold its own against any bike, and in any category.
Allow me to disagree.

If you give me half what you spend on any harley, I can make a busa that will beat you at the light, or the show. Assuming its not a harley show. Granted in the end, it will come down to the bias of judges, but a modded busa is truly a work of art.

The busa is a technical miracle of a bike, and if built correctly, mod for mod it can hold its own against any bike, and in any category.
It's not a Harley! It is a custom "one-off" or one of a kind bike, hand built.
And if comparing dough, the paint job, by HORST, on this bike is the cost of an off the floor Busa by itself.
There is a reason hand built is more expensive vs production, it's better. This holds true for furniture, art, or motorcycles. I don't believe the Busa needs to be built or moded to be a engeneering marvile, it's that way off of the floor.

The main point however is that we are all bike riders and should respect all on two wheels. I would stop for a broken down rice as quick as someone on an american. Although I am willing to stipulate that you would probably find more American made on the side of the road!

Looks like your in Cali. you should stop by Simms and see what custom truly is!  

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Folks....Apples Oranges... It's two different missions, On one side we have real motorcycles, right off the showroom floor, they are fast, they corner, they stop and parts do not fall off. On the other side we have machines more focused on a "Lifestyle" than being particularly good at anything related to motorcycling other than trying to fit in with all the rest. As for $65k for a big twin? That sheeeot is FUNNY!!! Um I'll take a turbo for $5k please, and eat any twin's lunch all day... (Street Legal)

I have ridden both, so I do know of what I speak. I rode a Dyna Lowrider Packed to the gills with Screaming Eagle parts and forward controls, I thought it felt pretty darn quick...
Then I rode the Busa for awhile and when I got back onto the Lowrider guess what? I was pretty bummed to find that not only did it feel spooky slow, but it couldn't turn, stop, and felt like it was always on the verge of falling apart, I was bummed. What did I learn? That blind loyalty to a brand or to an image is just that, BLIND...

I used to buy Street Chopper magazine, but after awhile all the "custom" bikes start looking alike, different paint, and bits and pieces yeah but the essential technology hasn't changed. There is nothing really original anymore. As for Custom, Hand built bikes being better? In appearance maybe, but there is a lot of quality assurance, and engineering skill factory bikes have that the custom builder may not ever match, let alone surpass. Longevity wise, a person buying a full custom hand built bike may well be looking at MUTCH lower reliabilty and longevity than a factory bike, especially when you get into the monster cubed twins. Not an issue since most almost never really get ridden accept to Bike nights. But something to think about... As for stopping for broken down "Rice" as quick as you would for someone riding "American" just remember that there is a good number of "rice" parts on most Big Twins as well.

But Justin, I do agree whole heartedly that we are all out there on two wheels, that is what's important. I feel a bit of Brotherhood to anyone out there on two wheels, though it is largely the Harley crowd that will NOT give a wave, everyone else does. Though in Honesty...I still cannot bring myself to wave at a scooter...

Took the Harley out again yesterday. Once I got over the need to go 90+ everywhere I went, I settled back and remembered what I love about that motorcycle. Words are useless here.


Those who want to single out a marque and talk sh*t about it, are sh*t talkers in general, and I generally take what they have to say as such. I don't care what you ride, I'm fascinated by ALL motorcycles, some for different reasons than others. My dad and grandfather have had all kinds of bikes, from Jawa to Harley. My initial post to this thread was something I thought you'd enjoy, sort of poking fun at myself knowing some of the opinions of Harleys on this board.

Point is, the busa has given me fresh outlook on motorcycling and wrenching, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it, and look forward to learning as much as possible. That's all.

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Well Icw, looks like I trashed your thread on this one and we pretty well beat this one to death! Thanks for the post and a couple of parting shots.
Revlis: No rice on this ride, whatsoever! And I think scooters are a good place to draw the line!

NICKSLICK: See you at the next show, I'll need help polishing my trophy!

Well, personally I don't have a problem with any type of bike. Hell, I'll wave at the scooter riders. If it only has two wheels I wave and grin inside because I figure the guy or gal on whatever it is is probably havin' just as much fun as I am.

The only reason I replied with my last comments was because Justin posted the pic and challenged anyone to say that they could do anything but love both types of bikes. I simply don't love cruisers. I can appreciate them for what they are and wouldn't crap on someone if they chose a cruiser, metric or American, as their ride of choice. To each his/her own. I enjoy seeing the Jesse James West Coast Chopper bikes and the OCC bikes and the Pit Bull factory customs but I don't have a real desire to own one. I like to see some of the really bad ass custom Hardleys and one off customs of other styles, too, but I don't really want one. My love for bikes just goes to sport bikes and the busa in particular.

No offense intended there justin and LCW. From your replies I get the feeling that ya'll got a little defensive. No need as I'm not attacking your choices, just stating my own.