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I'm a new 'busa owner, just picked the bike up two weeks ago today. Put about 570 miles on it, and brought it in for service yesterday morning. Service guy said it would be ready today, but call first. I called today about 3:30, figuring I'd have time to get a ride over to pick it up before they closed. Service manager said, "Well, we completed the service, but there's a problem with your bike. We parked it outside in the lot with about 4 other bikes, and another customer backed into it and knocked over into the other bikes. It didn't hit the ground or anything, but we'll have to replace the windscreen, and it got a smudge on the tailpiece, so we've got it at a body shop right now. They think they can buff it out. Hey, I'm just trying to be up front and honest with you." ° @#^&#

What should I do?
Ask for a new bike? Sue 'em? Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome. By the way, this is my first experience with this dealership.



First of all, you should request them to "replace", not repair, all the damaged parts. Then either find a new place to service it or do it yourself. If they wont, then sue them for cost of parts + atourney fees. You may also want to try and get the service for free too

I really wouldnt ask for a new bike because its doubtfull the engine or frame was damage, but you might want to have that checked out.


I would look it over really well if its scrathced or nicked and its brand new tell them to replace it No question. make sure you look it over well they will complain about the first claim but will probably pay or make the guy that tipped it over pay . Hopefully it was someone that worked there or you may get trouble from them. Good luck either way sorry to hear about it .


First they should have notidies you before taking it to a body shop. They should replace the parts not repair them. Also any small tiny little scratch is now their's even if you did it.
A shop here tried to do the same thing. A friend of mine had his bike in for service and another bike fell over onto his. The Bar end hit the frame and put a quarter size ding in the frame. They tried to play it off by offering a free oil change,he was pissed so he left the bike there and called his insurance company. The Insurance rep came out and totaled the bike (any frame damage can total a bike) so he got a brand new Busa and the insurance company went after the dealer.
I had my tank replaced when it was scratched during service when I first got my Busa.


I just went thru this with my VW Passat. While it was being serviced the building beside the dealership was being painted. Guess what... white overspray on my black VW it took two trips for them to replace all the trim and buff it so it did not have swirl marks. Remember it is their dime; if the job turns out to be half assed 2 weeks from now guess who's dime it's going to be.


Listen! My wife is an insurance agent and she says to call your agent before you do anything. They have lawyers they can call that deal with this stuff every day! Tell your agent what you want the shop to do with your bike and let them doo the dirty work. Downside...middle of summer & no bike! Believe me When you threaten the shop they say "yeah right" When youur insurance agent threatens the shops say "yes sir!" Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!! :whip: :whip:


Odyssey and Dawson's comments are right on the money. This is what you pay your insurance premiums for, so get your money's worth. Have your agent talk to their agent.

The dealer has insurance for these things, and if he's trying to "Buff it out", I guarantee you he's getting reimbursed for that plastic from his own company, but trying to cut his loss by "buffing your's out" and then keeping that settlement money.


Talked to both an attorney and my insurance agent: They both said that it was great that they were replacing the windscreen, but that I should get it in writing that if anything "shows up" in the future that was related to this "fall", they will cover it. And, if it was only a scuff, it didn't make sense to replace the part. By the way, the part was the hump. When  I pick it up tomorrow, I'm bringing a guy with 30 years of auto body experience with me  to give a good once over before I accept it. I did go in and look at it today, and the only thing visible to my untrained eye was the windscreen. If they did do a patch job on the hump, I couldn't tell.

The people at the dealership do seem real nervous about the whole thing though. Guilt?


Picked it up today: real obvious sand scratches, a piece of dirt in the new paint they tried to match. They lied!! Told 'em I wanted a new hump and they said, "Oh, you want a new one! Why didn't you just say so! I'll order you one today." DOH! :hammerhead:


Just make sure you don't sign the release until the bike is perfect and you have something in writing that will cover any related problems. Also check to see who their insurance company is and make sure its not the same as yours. They could sell you out to save the company money.

Also by law you can pick the body shop you want to take it to. Personally i'ld pick whoever is gonna do the best job regardless of cost its their dime.

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