What sort of tyres


I pick up my new Busa on Friday and have the oppertunity to select the shoes, the bike comes with the standard Bridgstones but i have been told that Dunlop 207's are the go.....any ideas?? comments

What type of riding do you want to do, twisties, straight speed, touring?

If it's twisties, I'd go with the 207, but in 180. Nice and sticky and last about 5K, pushing it. Knock the rear sprocket up a tooth or two while you're at it.

Stick with the Bridgestones (BT56J) if you want to do top end stuff (where you can is beyond me).

Michelin Pilots, way overpriced (like all Michelin products) and they take too long to heat up, which can be dangerous.

BT010s, great all-around tires and they are affordable.

No personal experience with other tires. Heard Rennsports are good, although, if you look at magazine comparisons, remember that they are run on liter bikes 100 lbs. lighter, so results may not be the same.
I am currently running bt56ss on my busa and have found them to be much better than the oem bt56 softer compound and stick better in the twisties. My buddy runs 010 on his zx12 and loves them they also stick really well in the corners. I have Michelin Pilot sports on my zx11 and have found them to be excellent performers I have had no issues with having to heat them up any more than any other tires I have had on the bike and they greatly improved the bikes turn in ability. I had 207 dunlops on the zx before and found that they get a little slippery when pushed hard. My buddy on the zx12 also complained about the 207 getting slippery and greasy when pushed hard.................................Knebnr
If anyone wants to check it out, there is a really good tire test at http://www.tl1000.com/pb_tires/sport_rider/sep_2001.htm The guys at Sport Rider in the UK took about 15 or more different tires and grouped them as road tires, performance road tires, and performance/track tires. They were installing them on a GSXR750 and leading the test riders to the bike blindfolded so they could get an honest opinion of how each tire worked. They also timed the laps and recorded the minimum cornering speeds in all corners and took tire temperatures. It is a good test because you get to read what the rider thought of each tire as well as seeing the performance data seperately. This gives you an idea of the 'feel' of the tire as well as the all out performance.