What should i pay for an 08 with 32k?

I paid 7500 for my 08 around this time last year. It had 7500 miles on it as well. I would try to get it lower since it has 32k in miles. Or just keep looking for something with less miles. Good luck
Location has a lot to do with price. I don't think $7500 is a high price. 31K is not that many miles either. Offer $7000 and see what happens.


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what is the overall "health" of the bike: tires, chain, brakes, plastics, sprockets, engine/tranny, etc.?
It's got bar risers, Double bubble windshield, Throttle-lock weighted bar ends, Three seats, Factory, Leather Sargent, and a Leather Corbin. The Two Brothers exhaust are slip ons,100 miles are new tires and new chain and rear sprocket.


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My '08 runs and cranks like it did the day I bought it, and I ride somewhat aggressive. 38K miles. Nothing has been touched on my bike.


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I have an 08 with nearly that many miles on it and it runs like a champ. I don't think the price is way over, but maybe just a bit. It is worth what some one is willing to pay for it, simple as that.

Offer him $7250 since it appears to be in good shape with new general maintenance items.

Ride away and enjoy it.


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I'd say its too high. A few months ago when I was looking at Concours, I was prepared to sell my '08 for about $7500


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Look at it this way, if you would be happy with the bike then get it. As I said before it is worth whatever some one is willing to pay for it. When I bought mine, I paid about $500 too much for it, but I was happy with my decision because it was a local purchase and I did not have to travel. My time is worth a lot to me, so factor that into it as well.

If you would be happy with the bike and the deal, who cares what our opinions are or what we paid for our bikes.


I wouldnt buy a bike with 32k miles..... thats just me. I know alot of guys on here have bikes with 32k+ miles but THEY put those miles on the bike :whistle: Hard to say how the previous owner or owners for that matter maintained and rode the bike??? If you have $7500 to spend why not just go get a brand new busa with all the incentives that suzuki is offering and 0% interest? Or just be patient and find a busa with a 1/3 of the miles for $500 more. Unless it is an older bike and I'm buying it due to rarity or Im buying it off somebody I know my cutoff is around 10k on a used bike


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7500 doesn't seem bad KBB has the 08 at 9K retail value in my area 6400 trade in value. There is always a better deal if you keep looking, doesn't make this one a bad deal. Seems like he is trying to get a fair price, did you check under the plastics if it looks like it hasn't been dropped might be worth snagging. I hate inspecting bikes take so much freakin time.. :laugh:

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