What sacrifice did you make to get your busa?

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Did any of you have to make any sacrifices to get your Busa's? I went on two deployments back to back in order to save up the money to get the bike. Well worth it. Here is a pic of me and one of my Marines in Singapore(Jungle Warfare Training)

Marc "Howlin Mad"

PS. I am the one on the right.

Hey man if no one has told you lately, Thanks for protecting our country !!!!!!
Always sacrifices, I managed to salt away some money that Colleges (For my boys) and bills did not get first. Started putting money in a can, and cut weekly expence money in half. Did the same thing recently for the Turbo. Oh well always something.
Thanks Capt that means a lot. Don't get that too much. I should be getting the busa back in a couple of weeks. Can't wait. Will get a full system on it. That will be cool.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Roger That ! On the Thank You Marc. Semper Fi!!
 Green is definitely your color buddy

damn marc, you look scary!!! i ditto caps remarks!!!
THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! for all that you do for us!!!!

(forgot what the original thread was????) oh sacrifices, didn't travel for a while, ate PBJ at lunch everyday, stopped getting my hair done at the shop, and stood on the freeway exits for 6 months with a sign that said, "will work for BUSA money"


LOL lori good one, and same as above Marc. Good thing you werent dressed like that when I met ya I would have run screamin or surrendered. You ever ride like that?
I'm not sure how I sacrificed but there was money squeezed from a variety of places biggest prob was convincing the mrs.
She's cool with it now.
Thanks again guys and gals! This wasn't a self serving thread. Just wanted to see if you all wanted this ride as bad as I did.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Echo echo Captain's comments, Marc. My best man flies Hornets for the Marines, and is currently about to leave Afghanistan and finish out his origingal deployment in Japan. It's been a long 3 months with him over there.

I put my wife through Dental School, that's what I did to get my skooter. It wasn't actually a goal to get the Busa until late in the game, but I knew I wanted SOME toy when she finally graduated a few months back.

The tuition bills and stress of all her classes (pathology, immunology, biology, clinic, etc.) damn near killed our marriage. But we got through it.

Deployed for 2 years--- I remember serving with the 13th MAU back in the days before the MEU's... As well as having a sinagapore sling at Raffeals' Hotel ---and yes the misspelling is a typo lol. Thanks for continueing the 226 year old tradition.

Sacrafices I stayed on the road and away from home for about 100 nights doing workshops and seminars to get the busa, but it'll be paid for in a few more months
worked two full time jobs for two years. Finally saved enough to buy mine. Now I have to hide it from the divorce lawyers..grrrr
OOOHRAHHH Let us win your hearts and minds or will burn your #### huts down . Thank You Peace Keeper. I sacraficed my 4door f-150,I had to put it off for 2 yrs orders from the war Dept(wife).All is not lost I just got my truck. A Silverado extended cab.
Had to sell my FJ1200 in order to buy the Busa'. Also had to set a little more cash aside for my insurance payment, thats about it.
All I can say is that financing is a wonderful thing. How ever the interest does suck.
Not so much a sacrifice as a trade-off. My truck gets 18 mpg, and the bike gets 30 something, so the payment is covered by the amount of money I save in gas not driving the truck.

Sledhead, I got lucky, the second wife didn't try to force me to sell my bike. Good luck to you, I hope you don't live in CA.
In Feb. I was arresting a crack-head and it went bad, we ended up fighting and he broke my shoulder workmans comp. came with a big check and my wife said to go get the busa so I would stop giving her the puppy dog look

So the knuckle-head went to jail, and I got the the bike I would have never been able to afford... Aint justice sweet
Knee dragger good for you!! Cleaned up the streets and got a Great Machine for doing it.

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa: