What other toys


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Just wondering if Ya'll might be interested in starting a thread
so we can get to know each other a little better.
Maybe list your occupation, other toys, hobbies, whatever.
Maybe add some pics.
Just a thought, hope it's a good one.
It's not lookin' real good for yer thread so far, but hey, what the hell . You asked what other toys Busa riderzs play with??
Well , I have this one toy that I play with from time to time, but I dont play with it too much , 'cause Momma always told me you would go blind playin' with it all the time.
Ya'll are wrong for that, but it was funny as hell though. Hey Monster, if you just look around on the board a little, you can resurrect threads that pertain to exactly what you are talking about. Just look over in Random Thoughts and you will find a topic for each one of your interests.

Better jump in on the topic I guess.
82 Chev shorbox body off build in one month in my home shop.

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These 2 brutes are more than a hobby , but still big fun , there also quite handy for keeping the punks off the property.

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I am in the airforce (c-5 crewchief), I also have a 2003 Gix 750, blue chrome windscreen, TRE, Dropped one tooth in the front, added two to the back, remap with the yosh box, trying to find a full exhaust for it.
my toys r the busa, 99 katana 750, 2 honda civics (one my winter beater, one a soon-to-be stock car), an 82 xl125 i'm rebuilding, and i have 2 cats and i'm getting a shepherd/husky pup next week
Welcome to the board FredE! Is that a red 'Busa I spy in there?

Aside from riding and being a damn good cook, I play goalie on a hockey team.

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My last race car was an 88 Vette.
Almost visited the "poor house" with that one!

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paintball guns, snowboards, dirtbike,

and on the list to get when i have more money

Polaris jetski
my own scuba gear
my own jump gear (parachute), not to mention the money for the next 7 jumps to get my license or certificate
the new dodge hemi

too much more to add