what next?


ok i've done the after market air filter i got the barzzar z fi fuel mangment system and thinking about getting a hmf dual system low mount in the next couple of weeks, what should i do next to get some more horsepower and trouque out of my busa?(any ideas add best guess on price of it)

not looking to nitros now, and try to decide if it would be better to invest in a upgrade here and there or save till next year for a turbo kit (so far got 2500 saved and add about 800 ea month to it) so any ideas would be much apperciated.

also would like to add that i started street legal bikes with my busa so this is kinda my way of going to something bigger, and this is still gana be a daily driver so nothing to big or that would make cops want to fallow me with questions of is that street legal? so any upgrade needs to retain some degree of avg joe look(no big airfilter stickignout the side basicaly)
how much will it cost for the 1397 and the cams ?(best guess would be much appercaited)because i looked into it a little and wasnt sure if close to 4-5thousand was right or not

also for good pipe the hmf would work right?