What mods have you done...

I put on a yoshimura full exhaust,
full air box mod,
power commander II,
remap with a/f meter,
polished the stock rims,
made aluminum polished reservoir caps,
gauges faces (just paper, but looks ''real''),
inclosed tail turn signals into brake light.

hoping to do yosh cams next.


Dis in my way!
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Added a website, a mail server, web hosting, and a new firewall. Hmmm oh yeah a new stemstand is about all I have had time for.
I hate to talk about what I WANT to do, but I have other priorities like getting my bike legal first:) I really like the looks of the Mototek rear end, and I'd like to do the whole intake/exhaust thing at the same time. I would like to keep a dual pipe, and if Akropovic ever makes a Tit. dual, I'll ba all over it:) PCII, K&N air filter. What is the air box mod? Is it easy to do and can it be done with everthing else stock?
The air box mod, is to cut out inner floor and flapper, and replace filter with uni foam filter material, allows for a few hp, but looses some power below 3500rpm. Remap is required. Wouldn't recommend if you have stock pipe. I went from 148rwhp to 165rwhp (101 tq) with the mods listed.
01 busa
yosh full race ti system
zero gravity touring windscreen
heli bars
down one on the front to 16 tooth
k@n air filter
puts out 166.3 horses
run the drags at lacr on an occasional friday
I can't wait to get to the drag races. I have to get few more miles under my belt first though, I'm only at 700. I'm just afraid to run something terrible like a 13 or 14 sec. quarter mile on a 9 sec. bike!
I doubt that you would run a 13 or 14 second on this thing.
unless you have a misshift or wheelie or stall off the line. thes things are fast!!!
anyway you gotta try to lear how to do it- first time I ran the bus I was in the 11's. was a kick in the butt. love the rush- and no worries about speeding tickets.
try it- you'll get hooked.
Full Air Box mod
Scorpion Titanium oval race cans
Pair valve removed
Double Bubble
Steel sub-frame
EBC HH pads all round
Braided brake hoses and dot 5.1 fluid
Datatool gear indicator
Sigma computer
Baglux tank cover and bag

"The fastest Raleigh wisp around"
2000 Busa

Has two radiator fans.

Aluminum Ceramic coated header pipes.

True Xenon Arc lighting adaptation for high and low beams. Ballast for both Xenon bulbs is in the rear tail section. Voltage multiplier modules and relays in front fairing. System voltages run from 35,000 to start and 10-15,000 running.

Fans and header coats were needed to keep reflected heat inside the pipes and cool the busa down quick in Florida.

Lighting needed in rural Florida roads to light up the cows, possums, coons, GATORS!, turtles, panthers, deers, bobcats , foxs.

Top speed achieved so far indicated 196mph

Not a lot ,red rear hugger and solid black airflow screen, when I got the bike it already had a scottoiler and datatool alarm/imm fitted.Still getting a wicked buzz from my busa every time I ride it so for now don't feel the need for any more mods.
I have the full D&D exhaust, pair valve mod, Yosh Ems, 16 tooth front sprocket, top gun undertail, roca hugger, new chain, lowered 2"'s (adjustable dog bones, and reaper risers), extended 6"'s (adjustable swing arm extensions 2-7"'s), indiglo gauges, center stand, Krypotnite bike alarm, all of that is already installed or on order and will be here next week.  I will post some pics once I get it done.  I still have to order the k&n airfilter, do the small air box mod and TRE.

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