What kind of wheel stand?


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Send pictures and where to get please with a discription of what you think. I would like one that can hold the bike up but that I can do it myself.



Here is my Suzuki stand. It says that it is made for the Hayabusa, but it is too wide. All I did was set it on its side and sit on it. Bounce up-and-down a couple of times and it bends in nicely.

If you look closely at the rear pic, you will see I used spacers. This is because the right side of the bike there is a little nozzle-tip thingy that protrudes and I wanted to EASILY clear this.

BTW - Since I keep the rear grabrail on all of the time, I used the spacers from the bolts (that you have to remove to put the bar on). You could also use washers, I just thought this was cleaner.

Carry on, Rip.

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I forgot to mention, I like this stand alot... And, it is the Suzuki pro race stand. It came with the spools for swingarm mounting. And, it cost around $95.00.

Good-luck bro, Vaughn.
Paul, I use PIT BULL. Work really well. Bike shop or web site to acquire.......

I use a couple of things:

For general parking, I use the Bike Grab (www.bike-grab.com)When I'm not doing anything to the front, I use it to hold the front wheel steady. I can stand up on the pegs and the bike doesn't move a bit. It's fantastic.

For lifting the front/rear, I purchased the stand package from Handy (http://www.handyindustries.com). For ~$115 shipped, I got both front and rear stands. For the rear, I would recommend getting the spools. They're like 20 bucks from a dealer, or you could get the slider/spool combo. The Handy stuff isn't top of the line, but it works well.

Good luck.
I've got the pit bull stands as well. They're expensive, $150 and $175 for rear and front stem stand, but they're the best made.
I use the Lockhart Phillips front and rear stands. I have no problems with getting it up (no pun intended) by myself. Works great and are very stable. Can get both front and rear for about $220.

Not to step on any toes but the Handy stands just are not made very well. The rear stand is ok but the front just sucks.
I use mine at the track and I guess with full leathers on it's just too damn hard to get the pins in the front end.
I use the WoodCraft rear stand, and the Suzuki front stand. The WoodCraft is really strong, has two large wheels per side, and withe the grap rail in place, easy to to use by myself.


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Just picked up my Pit Bull stand tonight and it is great. I looked at the lockhart philips second and it just seemed a little flimsier than I wanted. It was $40 more expensive but I figure its cheap insurance from dumping the bike.