What kind of rearsets are you guys running?

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Looking to upgrade rearsets. Lots of choices out there. Who is happy with theirs and what kind di you get?


Question - why do you need aftermarket rearsets? What does it do for you other than adjust the foot pegs at a very high price? I just am not up to speed on what these do for you. Sorry for the ignorance.


You can use em to get your feet up and back for more ground clearance, down and forward for more comfort, Basically just to tailor the ergonomics to your particular desire. On a roadracer you use your feet a lot (more than you think) to steer so they help optimize placement. Plus most of them look trick and have nice bearing at the pivots for better control too!

The Cycle cats are on my wish list!


after riding on aftermarket rearsets OEMs feel like junk. better foot position, smoother shifting, and better looks....id NEVER go back!!


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I've got das cats...




and actually?...the coolest thing that folks just don't realize is exactly "How The Rearset Ergo's Work" here....as while most are under the assumption that...only "DOWN" could possibly add more comfort for their creaky knees and jammed outward locked up hips.....but they couldn't be more wrong....as all "DOWN" seems to do is to relieve just a slight bit of pressure from the knees and does so while greatly decreasing ground clearance....where by comparison?...."MOVING YOUR FEET REARWARD".....(such as "REAR"sets do?).....your feet may go higher position buuut?...the rotation of your body will more than accomodate for a higher foot position by way of the rearsets not only positions your knees actually lower on the tank?...but also "FURTHER REARWARD on the tank...."WHERE THE SHAPE OF THE TANK TAPERS IN THE MOST"...and is home too the largest gains for ergonomic relief and comfort that a relocated foot position can yeild on a busa...albiet...somewhat hidden from the great unwashed.

Don't go blow $350-$450 on a set of rearsets that onlyb move your feet 10mm's this way or 15mms that way...buy the ones that permit "THE MOST REARSET ADJUSTMENT" and your hips, knees, ankles and toe sliders will thank you for it.

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I had been contemplating new rearsets and after reading post on the board, I purchased the cycle cat rearsets from Street N Track. Can't wait to get them installed!



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stock here too.. but I've always wanted a set of the gilles adjustable rear sets... just never got the bones together at the right time to splurge on them.


(Old School @ Sep. 14 2006,14:32) BD,
What kind are you using?
Gilles,and i love them. had them on for about 3 years.

altho, id give them up in a heartbeat for a set of Rizomas....

im LOVING the look of those cycle cats too...i bet they look bada$$ in black.