What is the Highest H.P. Ever seen on a stock 99/07 & 08/09 Busa?

what do you mean by stock??

seams everyone has there own version of it.

if you mean bone stock ,like from the factory there wont be that big of a difference between one bike to the next.
we had a 100% stocker from canada rode here from dealer for some work,164hp 3x on 2 dyno sessions before i pulled it to work on it...
Dynos can be different from one day to the next . It depends on the operator to set them right . Its a good referance but they tell you it can be about +-5HP
I don't have faith that one dyno is the same as the next...

True, plus you've got SAE or STD standards. Really, you can change the values and make it read higher if you want. It's all up to the operator and his/her tricks... :laugh:
Well mine is pretty much stock. Power commander, TRE, Drilled baffles and -1 in the front +3 in the back on sprockets. Ran 3 times best I got was 149.6 HP kinda disappointed but they said something about humidity having an effect, it was trying to burn water???. Didn't know what he meant I just saw the number:poke: ,however, they only did the run in third gear and it topped 3rd at 146.8 MPH I thought that was cool. Oh they also said my bike having 32000+ miles on it had something to do with the lower HP.
I put Lord Humungous pipes on mine and it put out 250hp to the rear wheel in 1st gear on a rainy day at high altitude.

:moon: Sorry, it was there waiting to be done.