What is the best Aftermarket Clutch setup???

I have a 2006 Hayabusa, stock motor, stretched 8 Inches, airbox mod, clutch mod, PCV, Brocks Full Alien Head Exhaust.....I Road race/Ride Aggressively daily.....

I'm starting to hear some sort of knocking/rattling noises coming from behind the Clutch cover. I also noticed that its hard to launch the bike above 2000 RPM, the bike would buck or stall above 2000 RPM on take off....did some research and found out that I may need to replace my clutch steel plates and fibers, clutch basket, clutch hub....

I Need some of your expert advice guys, what should I do???

Should I replace these parts with New OEM ones or are there any stronger better Aftermarket parts out there??? What do you guys recommend are there any other parts that I might need???