what is stock


I have been hearing alot of thing from friends. man these are fast bike and alot of horse power for a stock bike.with the busa with 1340 cc now the Kawasaki zx14 1441 say CBR come out with a 1500 cc bike and so on. is all the bikes still consider a stock bike and what would be the limit be to the cc's I am new to this just something I have been thinking about
Stock is a term referring to the way the factory shipped it or now-a-days the internals of a motor. Lot's of people refer to a bike with a pipe and a tune as stock.
My opinion is, Stock is factory. But like Dadofthree said, Most say that they are stock with all bolt on stuff and tuned. Which my opinion again isn't factory. Just my 2cents :)
YOU Guys are totally Right! Stock IS Stock....Factory Everything. Pipe, Filter, Sprockets, Tuning etc. Sometimes Mfg's. put out a special edition of whatever and they'll have like Yosh slip-on's. In my opinion, that is not a stock bike! If 95% of a model comes thru with One set-up and 5% come thru with a Filter and Slip-on's, those 5% are not stock...AS ALWAYS, Just My Opinion!! :beerchug:
Stock is exactly what it sounds like. Its what the factory "stocks" for sale. As Rocketmn said, adding ANYTHING aftermarket makes it either Stock or Stock with stuff or Not Stock at ALL. Its how the FACTORY STOCKS it in their inventory before a sale
The bigger factory makes it, the bigger someone will come up with. The block has to come from factory strong enough to withstand a certain percent of what it can really do. With that, they lessen the amount of power that a stock bike CAN do. If they go bigger, we can go bigger
As far as sizing of the "Big Bore" engines, if the Big 4 are still shooting for bigger #'s with complete reliability, they will either have to fab up a new engine casting to allow displacement such as 1500cc or bigger and bring some GP technology in the valvetrain as well as more up to date electronics. In another 10 years we may actually see emission legal 225hp to wheel from the factory as seen on a realistic correct low reading chassis dyno.
My daddy had some stock when I wuz a kid, but it kept gettin' out an' tramplin' the neighbor's garden.
So we had ta git rid of our stock, and dint never git no more.

I don't miss it.