What is needed for a dry nitrous kit to stock bike hayabusa?


Ok I am thinking of hooking up a small shot dry kit one of those cheap ones that go into the air box before the filter it has two small bottles. I am thinking of hooking up the smallest jet it comes with---This is from them.

This DynoTune dry kit will add up to an additional 40HP to your Ride. Comes with eveything you need for a complete installation. This Dry kit uses your bikes EFI sensors to add the additional fuel needed to make the Power! By passing the cool nitrous charge past the Air Temperature sensor in the intake track, we can fool the bikes EFI system into adding the little extra fuel you need to make some sweet power! Note: Consult your factory manual to make sure you have a "Air Temperature" sensor in your intake (Most EFI Bikes have a Temp sensor). Comes with three jet settings of 15HP, 30HP, and 40HP.

Ok give me some real advice on this thought of buying this kit. Thank you for any help. What I have on my bike is a single pipe and a gipro.


I would do the small air box mOD AND p.a.i.r mod before you added NOS,I had a progressive spray on a wot switch and had bike tuned 10% fat for the NOS, what yr is your bike an 08? if not i would suggest a pc3 tuned to compensate for the spray,,,just my suggestion


If you have the 08' Busa go with a Bazass System and get a real NOS kit. dont mess with those small bottles. Get a 2lb or 2 1/2lb bottle and use the small jets. The small bottles need refilling too often.


The MPS instant rich works good for me and guarantees the injectors are at max rich. And ditto on the bigger 2lb bottle that can be hidden under the hump on the gen 1.

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